People griefing other players while farming

I agree. It sounds like the OP killed several animals and proclaimed them his. That’s a dick move in itself. I always kill one skin one…rinse repeat. These people that kill all the animals in a given area thinking they get all the skins are cancer.

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I agree completely and do the same.

Nope. I was killing them one maybe two at a time since someone was there before I was then left because they were done so they were spawning at different times. If I had killed a whole group of them and someone comes along and skins them that would be on me and hence wouldn’t have created the post in the first place.

OK if this is the case and you were doing one at a time the person that was steeling your skins is a true asshole and you have a very legitimate complaint. My opinion is this game with it’s countless design flaws and grossly lethargic path at fixing those glaring flaws simply breeds pure cancer. I am the type that will stop and actually help someone kill a tentacle or group of mobs in the crack by an orichalcum node. And since they were there first I will not make a move on the node after killing the mobs. Sadly there are an extreme minority of people who do the same. Most will just go up and take the node while I dispatch the mobs. On top of all the boneheaded design flaws I also think this game has attracted way too many players from wow. So what we have in general is a very cancerous playerbase.

Still have no fuckin’ idea why loot doesn’t just tag to your party a’la, I dunno, most MMORPGs.

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