People of Utopia: Its time to fight!

Its time Utopia, to show why we are the greatest server.

As of now, from 6pm Friday until Midnight Sunday each week, it is required that all levels 60’s flag for pvp at all times.

No more cowering under the guise of artificial invulnerability, from now on you will have the freedom to fight as you wish.

Carry on people (with your weekend flags showing).

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:scream: :scream: :scream:

But like who asked


damn your so cool bro, chills :cold_face:

Its not about me sir, its about our great server.
Now excuse me while I go out (with my flag on) and do things.

{the server feels more fun already}

So harrasing people on a public forum sounded like a good idea to you? Anyway good luck writing all those names.

I may have been a bit hasty with the name and shame, I’ll use the carrot instead.

I’ll screenshot others who are able to beat me in world pvp.

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