People selling shards?

Is this even legal? At first I thought was a joke.

How TF does that work

5 guys go in, before the last hit, one guy leaves, customer comes in. I think that’s what I gathered.

Lol! Man people take advantage anyway they can huh.

why you start another thread.

you already had one active.

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why would it not be allowed?

its not cheating/exploiting
its not harming anyone
its a good way to make gold and help people level their gear


I have nothing against it, just wondering.

They been doing it for months. I was in a pug group and 3 members from same company. At the end 5%hp on boss… they kick 1 out invite another… … every1 in the instance gets shard at the end.

Hello @NewWorldFan2022,

I’m really glad to see you are here at the forums and hope you can enjoy your time here and at the game as well!

Thanks for reporting this to us, currently I don’t have any information related to this, so I have escalated it to our dev team for a review on this subject.

I will appreciate if you can share me all the details possible related to this situation so we can provide all the information available to them.

Once I receive a response from them I would love to provide you a clearer answer.

On the mean time and if you need more assistance please don’t hesitate in reaching us again!


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if they are selling it for game gold i don’t see why it is illegal, now if they are selling for real money then yes it would be tos


inklusive the one they have kicked out??!

Only those in the instance when boss die recieve shards. The one who left is not in the instance. :sweat_smile:

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Y true… xD

Check on Pluto. I didn’t catch their names.

How do I private message you?

Hey @NewWorldFan2022,

Sadly we don’t have the possibility to receive private messages, but any information that you might have here so the team can check it.


i dont sell shards but i know few ppl who do that … they post it in recruit or global… ppl in the server also posted to buy shard run… i personally dont think that is a major issue. some ppl likes to play it that way, they selling the run … as long as there is no kicking ppl out or abusing another players. .i think it is ok.

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