People trying to avoid AFK

I think this may be a reason for long ques as well. In a main settlement and people a AFK auto walking into walls/cliffs. Numbers increased while i was here typing this. 6-7 at one point.


Auto walk doesn’t work, they probably have a macro setup to certain movement keys.

I saw people doing that, and tried to copy with autorun while I was eating something, and I was kicked out for inactivity.

Now Im in 3,000 queue again, down to 2400 now after 1h.


If it helps, auto running doesn’t stop AFK timer. Went for dinner and didn’t want to log out in the 30mins I’d be gone and unsure if kick off timer, ran at a wall, and 15-20mins in (meant to time it but forgot) saw from across the room the 5 minute warning pop up. I just jumped to reset and was back over shortly after anyway, but it did show it doesn’t actually guarantee to stop it.


Just report them.


That is good to know then. I guess they will find out.


Definitely worth a report – Amazon have taken a really hard stance on investigating player behaviour (most notably chat abuse and offensive player names), so it wouldn’t surprise me that If you report these folk – they will actively look into it and come up with a way to determine if they’re macroing (they obviously are).

Could be something as simple as a “Respond to this message to confirm that you’re present” situation.


Virtually all gaming keyboards have macroing built into the software, you can just hit the key and have it repeat until something else is pressed… I don’t see them doing anything to combat this. Queues will disappear in the coming days and it won’t matter anyway.


If the server would run properly, there wouldnt be any „bad“ bevavior.

Dont blaime that kids, blaime Amazon!


Can’t say I blame them since I got kicked out for inactivity when I took a half minute break to refill my glass of soda, never got back in as I was queuing for 8 hours after that before I gave up and went to bed


lol yea i’ve already seen countless ppl doing this XD my buddy said after ten minutes he got booted for inactivity even while doing that.

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I have seen this numerous times. As stated above, I do not think the autorun prevents being kicked from AFK’ing. Seems as if some people are creating their own scripts/macros to help them out. That being said, I am not really sure there is too much that can be done about something like this. Most modern-day keyboards have the ability to create specific functions. This has always been an issue with any games. I’d like to see some type of solution, but as far as I know there aren’t any efficient ones yet.


To be honest, if it was a choice between doing that and waiting another 3000 queue, what would most of you do.

The long queues are the reason people act this way, and sitting here for the last 2 hours in queue, I am so tired of this nonsense.



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Stop it. You sound ridiculous.

If someone is not actively playing, they do not deserve to be logged in.

Using a macro to remain logged in when you’re not playing us malicious and exacerbates the already present issue.

You may very well be well be one of the players doing this yourself with a response of this calibre.

Thankfully it doesn’t appear that it’s as much of an issue on the AUS servers.


So you are OK with having to wait in queue for another 3-4 (or more) hours after taking a quick bathroom break or making a cup of coffee?
Unless you use the run into a wall trick you get booted after a minute or less of inactivity (I could not even refill a glass of soda before I was booted), and even with the run trick in less than 10 minutes (according to other people on the internet), I never got back in even after 8+ hours of queuing since I got booted from the queue every 2 hours or so.


Please add a fix for this asap, people are refunding, dropping out , not recommended the game

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Unless you’re literally taking a dump for half an hour, and the way it sounds, you are absolutely full of it, so I’d recommend getting on the pot.

I mean what kind of coffee are you making? Are you picking the beans and roasting them yourself?

Talk about hyperbole.

Actually might as well call a spade a spade – you’re a liar.


I went AFK for around 7-8 mins yesterday evening to make a quick snack while playing, and i wasn’t kicked out. I think the timer is a little more generous than some are making it out to be.


I went to take my dog out for a walk, was afk about twenty minutes. Just sitting in town, not using any macro or autorun or anything. Literally just standing there afk. I came back and I was still connected. I was fully expected to get booted.


This is absolutely ridiculous that anyone is upset by some people trying to remain ingame while taking a quick break instead of potentially being stuck in login que’s for sometime to an unknown amount of time depending on the server.

Seen this in countless game launches, and doesn’t become an issue after server stability gets taken care of for players having a place to connect to.

The issue would be finding players using bots to play the game for them… cause we all know that’s coming. That is what we all need to be watchful for… not people trying to avoid a login queue.