People trying to avoid AFK

I will admit I am one of the few people who do this but I don’t use a macro, I just jam a quarter to hold down the W key so it actually inputs as if I’m actually walking


Stop lying. It’s just embarassing at this point.

It’s either you’re lying, over exaggerating to the point of lying, or your idea of a “quick break” is anywhere between 30 minutes to an hour, in which case your perception of reality is absolutely warped.

If you’re gone for that long, you clearly have other things in your life you need to attend to.

Defending using macros to stay in-game whilst afk for extensive periods of time is trash behaviour.

Your name absolutely checks out.


Autorun does not work no. But if you have an item that can hold down the W key that will work. Most MMO games need to see a keypress and even holding down a key is counting as a keypress.
When I went to make myself something for dinner and feed my cat I did that. I kew I would be back fast but didnt want to risk it as I made myself some pasta and chicken to eat.

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You’re only having this issue because there are long login queues. This isn’t a concern on any other MMO after servers stabilize.

Getting mad over it on day one is just silly, and you should know better that people will do whatever they can to remain logged in if they choose to.

Getting this mad is just embarrassing.


I’m not remotely mad at a queue – I’m patient – but what I am mad, is absolutely appalling behaviour. You’re garbage if you’re using a macro (or any other gimmick) to stay online whilst you stay in the toilet for hours at a time. You’ve been checked.

FYI – you’ve admitted to using a macro in-game to do this. Utilise that information as you will.

Because someone else sure as hell is going to.


Dude over 700k people were playing on Steam alone. Of course there are going to be long queues!!! Have you never played an mmo before? It’s like this for every large mmo launch.

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Your computer or something must suck cause you’re definitely not getting kicked out after just a minute of being AFK. I cooked an entire meal and showered and still was in game when I was done.


the timer to get kicked out is 20 mins.


I did things now and then that took about 10 to 15 mins at a time like making something to eat, doing dishes, walking out to get mail, etc. during a several hours long session last night I didn’t run into the wall just stood in town, never got logged out.


Whether you are AFK or not is a check on inputs from your keyboard and mouse. Autorun is a singular input, however as tested you can have something with weight simply hold down over your W key while you run into a wall as thats literally a continual series of ‘wwwwwwwww’ so as far as the game knows you are active. I do agree that at least for the first couple of weeks any player who is ‘stationary’ regardless of the number of inputs received should be considered AFK as just one method to help with the queue problems.

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I get the feeling most ppl that complain about this is ppl in Q, and I’m willing to bet if u got in after several hours of waiting and u needed to go afk to walk a dog or something that may take 20 mins or so u would do the same thing if u were able to, dont think I could believe ANYONE that would say they would happily rejoin the 2+hour Q


You don’t even need to use any macro at all.
Just set move forward on space and put some weight on it, Problem solved, no dubious shit involved. No TOS breaking neither.

What did you or Amazon expect would people do with Queues longer than a work day and random kicks from said Queue?


If this game is anything like my old mmo, they ban people for unattended game play and it’s usually severe. Using a macro to perform actions on your char while afk is considered “unattended gameplay” in most mmos. I did it once in my old mmo, using macros to farm resources and the first (and last) offense got me a week off.

Tread cautiously.


I haven’t checked in New World, but I know for sure that auto-running in other games I’ve played does not prevent you from getting kicked for being AFK.

I would be surprised if this worked in New World.

You do see the “slight” difference between AFK Running and AFK Macro farming, right?

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Sure you could argue there is a difference, but when you’re doing it to circumvent an afk timer to avoid being disconnected while thousands of people are waiting, well. then I’m not so sure.

All I’m saying is tread carefully friends. I didn’t find anything specific on it in the TOS but they reserve the right to update it as they see fit.


Not to make things worse but my friend put a weight on his keyboard and went to bed. 8h later he was still at the same spot running. I tell you, 8 hours.


My 2 cents here.

There are two sides to this story.

  1. People don’t want to get disconnected while taking a Bio or grabbing a bite.
  2. Queue’ers don’t want to have AFK people hog spots on the servers.

A comment way up the line says something to the effect of “if you aren’t actively playing you should be kicked” . By this logic, I’d counter if you aren’t actively queueing (periodic “Are you still there prompts”) maybe you should be kicked from the queue. I know that this train of thought is far more abhorrent to people than the Running against a well tactic.

Perhaps we should just be adult about the whole thing and wait a week or so to see how the queues even out. I expect even some of the larger streamer servers will begin to calm down in a week or two.

Anyway, happy questing!


There is two key issues here, firstly not enough servers at launch(plus people from other regions logging on to save names) and the second one is the night club mentality, lets all line up outside a bar for hours to get in when there is another bar just next door with out a line.
Size of servers is not an issue, sad one if 1000s of a streamers followers could not be on the server at the same time. No one has that amount of friends where if they are all online in game they are going to block a server. Yes MMO full servers is good, but if you are willing to wait in line for a full server when there is free ones available, less than 24hrs after release. that is mainly a personal problem Amazon can not fix.

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Is it empowering, knowing that you can’t read?

There’s a stark difference between popping off for ten minutes to attend this minor chore, and using a macro or auto-running for upwards of 30 minutes are a time – at which point you clearly have more important things to be doing.

But continue smashing your face across the keyboard, I’m sure you’ll come up with a valid argument as to why it’s okay to use macros to remain in game.

If it looks like I’m being patronizing, it’s because at this point I am.