People who are already 200 crafting skill

Most players including myself who work and have other responsibilities are already behind people who play 24/7 when it comes to crafting and NOW we have to grind 2x-3x as much compared to those who have already reached 200 in a skill? Why should i have to grind 6.8 million xp to reach 200 Engineering where as those who are already 200 only had to get 1.8 million xp.

I understand in the long run this is a better change for the game, but it should’ve been like this in the beginning. In my opinion, those who are already 200 should be changed to the appropriate level of their xp. It is currently unbalanced and unfair with these changes and a blatant low blow to those who can’t play 24/7


The amount of xp and craft to do is retarded.
Farming wood in my case last night for 6h and not even be able to get 192 to 193 by crafting 11 ironwood spear.
Made some calculation from that and i need 15 for 192-193.
so its around 200 spear to get 200.

200 spear is 1200 iron wood plan.
1200 iron wood is 15 600 ironwood and 3200 wyrwood plank.
3200 wyrdwood plank is 19200 wyrdwood.

Sooo im sorry but this is not fun at all…
I dont want to get forced to farm wood all day night on weekend in order to get 200 before the end of next year just because some ass has reach 200 on every crafting skill because they’re living with dad and mom at 30.


It’s painful and as a Jewel crafter it’s a nightmare, at level 178 it takes me roughly 20-25 Brilliant pieces of Jewellery now with these changes it’s about 40 pieces and something important to note is that Gems aren’t something you can directly harvest. I have to rely on RNG when mining to actually get gem drops.

It takes me about 30 minutes to do my run to get gems and there is absolutely no way i’d get 40 gems in a run, then i have to go farm motes and it’s not like i can farm a specific mote to get my crafting up, as there are like 10+ gem types and 7 different types of motes.

So it’s fair to assume with this new change it will roughly take me 2-3 hours per level from now on. Which would work our to another 40+ hours playtime to got from 178-200


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