Per New World, all the gold duping, item duping and exploiting that they "fixed" caused a lasting impact on the economy

With the recent Gold mishap that caused the EU servers to be rolled back I found something interesting in their comment.

Blockquote Upon examination, it was clear that there was no clean path to reversing only the players who were granted money, as the secondary effects were widespread and involved many more players and systems. We therefore made the decision to roll back characters, companies and the trading post to 12:45PM CET, which is just before the database modification was implemented.

So…after only a few hours people spending all this gold caused such a huge catastrophic problem that you had no other choice but to roll back servers? But the people who easily dupped 500k gold and then put it into the economy over the course of days…even weeks? Nah, they were able to sniff that all out and solve those problems without any rollback.

In otherwords. The economy of New World has been wrecked since launch and we’re working on a busted economy.


Insert Morgan freeman
He is right you know?

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And? So they should just not undo what they are able to undo when it happens and just let it get worse? What’s your point, sports fan?

Bingo if there is no ‘clean path’ to reversing that, there was no clean path to fixing a large amount of the gold & dupe issues that have and will continue to have on the current system. They cleaned up probably a small % enough to consider it “fixed”.

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I thought that was obvious. The good news is, unless you care, it doesnt matter.

And another thought I had; the tradepost seem to be offline for a while, yet we are able to play.
Those who arent blasting the forums with rage and confusion RN will be powerfarming shit without being able to sell it.

What will happen to the economy once the trading post finally open again?
There will be such demands for certain things, other stuff will be completely flooded and become dirtcheap.
The amount of manipulation and monopolizing that is gonna happen once the trading post open will be gamewrecking no?

Economy? New World never had one of those

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Technically a DEAD Economy is in fact an Economy.

Gives Answer an X with the Red Pen.


Duh, was there any doubt about it? These guys weren’t able to figure out who had a house, for how long and how much exactly did they pay in excess over what the UI indicated and instead gave everyone a fixed amount irrespective of anything else.

It was plain wishful thinking from the community that they were going to trace back all the gold and resources that were duped and remove them from the ecosystem. The devs didn’t even claim they were going to do that, they just used vague wording such as actioned, it was mostly white knighting on the forums - just ban the exploiters, remove their gold, ez. Yeah, sure…

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