Perfect "Expertise" Compromise. This needs attention. From US and AGS

I believe this will appease all parties.

If you personally craft a 600 GS item, that is you new Expertise level. If you then sell that item to someone else, the gear score will scale to their expertise level.

This is so simple and easy. If you are able to personally craft an item at a high gear score level, that is your expertise level.

This will value crafters time, GS farmers time, everyone’s time. I really hope this measly post will reach New World Devs and can be considered.


If you agree or have other ideas please comment/like so this can garner attention.


This is a pretty good idea, considering the grind it takes to level a craft now is pretty expensive and difficult.

I’d like to see this get more traction.


It’s definitely better and I might even re-install.


I really hope it gets some traction too

Hopefully others share the same feeling…

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I agree with the OP.

Though my HWM are 590-600 in every slots except trinkets via Elite Run, I also spent huge chunk of play time and money to grinded 12 trade skills (3 craft, 5 refine, 4 gather). I understand the pain of crafting-centric players and feel the upcoming update is kinda unfair to them.

I might add, dev should add a string “Crafted by xxxx” on every crafted equipments. When player equips said item the game will check if the name of crafter and user match or not, if so then your Extertise will rise up to item GS, if not then item GS will drop down to your Expertise.

And the crafter name will act as an ads so I can find that mofo who undercut me on TP, lol.


i been saying this since i first found out about this new system coming in the next patch, and why the hell did they did not implement this into the game at the start ,but to punish crafters this late in the day and say nope sorry you got to do it all again under a time gated system is just going to lose your player base who crafted.

i think its too little to late they are going to take another big hit to the player base now.


+1 but they are not gonna do it.


Crafted by string would be a great idea for sure

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I know, best I can do is put it out there and hope for the best

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This is the solution. They won’t do it though.


Personally I feel like the best way they could make this system more palatable is just do away with the whole scaling aspect.

The rest of the system seems decent to me.


This is the solution only if you are cheater or you are ok with the current tax system.


And to avoid the usual trolls, i have both money and raised my craft to max solo.
The difference is that i played for it.

Dang that is some gold

Yeah, this would solve all the bitching from us crafters. It really would. Never gonna happen tho. AGS hates trade skills.


Not only AGS but all those other players who tell us we “don’t really play the game”.


That’s been my most favorite thing I’ve read so far throughout all these threads. “crafters aren’t playing the game.” Pretty sure the people saying that aren’t even 60 yet and likely haven’t gotten their crafting professions past 75.


no. 100% no.
I’ve got armor, engi, arcana and weaponsmith to 200 (plus all refining) and from my perspective, just no.
I’ve also go high watermark…
My watermark took longer to get than all of my 200 professions combined most probably… or would come there abouts.

If you create this system, all you do is allow companies that own EF/WW to bypass the whole thing… they can just buy all their people max crafts in whatever weapon they choose.
It will just be a negative for the rest of us.
Downvote away…