Perfect PC Components for New World?

What would the ideal PC setup be for New World solely? What components are proven to work best with New World?

NW is very poorly optimized so best you can afford is probably ideal.

Little concerned about getting 4090 though since NW was bricking 30 Series at launch and swapping weapons stresses your gpu for some reason.

Edit: and before someone says it was defective gpus, even if there were soldering issues, I think it’s strange NW was the only game to push them to fail.

Thats kinda my concern. Budget is no issue but I dont want to get a 4090 build if it wont work lol

I have a i5 13600k and a GTX 1070. 3600 ddr4 cl16 RAM.

I play on 1080p.

My FPS in wars is 60+ constantly, usually around 70. This is even when it’s a 1 flag fight with all 100 people spamming abilities. All settings are set to Low.

FPS in OPR is 90 to 100.

Open world anything from like 80 to 200, depends where I am.

Prior to this setup I was using a 6700k with the same 1070, with that CPU i was getting 17 to 25 fps in wars…it was almost unplayable. OPR was 40-50.

CPU is extremely important for NW, get the best you can afford.

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Wondering myself what are the best components. I’m getting an upgrade this Week with an Ryzen 7 5800x 3D and gonna Upgrade my RTX 2070 Super to an 7900 xt in spring.

My thought was getting a good gaming rated CPU probably works out since NW is verry CPU intense? but I’m not sure if AMD is the best choice, gonna try it.

CPU is incredibly important for open world online games but tbh, everything is to work well together and avoid bottlenecks.

I run i5 12600k, rtx 3060 12gb, 32gb ddr4 vengence ram 3600mhz, windows 11. Windows is on m.2 ssd and game is on normal ssd. I may get another m.2 though as they are 5x faster than standard ssds.

Whilst the game is not optimized for windows 11, windows 11 uses cores better than windows 10.

I looked at numerous benchmarking sites before i built it and my processor plus 11, provides noticable fps gains as opposed to windows 10.

Whole build cost me around £900, including new motherboard, fans, power supply, tower etc and all the above.

I run the game on highest graphical settings, getting around 100+ fps in open world, and around 60fps in large group activities.

My friend upgraded to that cpu a couple days ago, he plays 1440p and is getting great performance too now. It’s a very good choice.

FYI when NW first came out i saw a benchmark of an intel CPU vs AMD cpu and the fps was almost identical so I don’t think it matters which platform you go with.

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  • What resolution and fps do you want?
  • What in game graphic quality settings?
  • What activities OPR/War/Openworld?
    Those answers describe different builds. Which do you want to strive for?

Wars are the limiting factor requiring the best CPU/Ram. If you want all of the above 60fps+ 13900k (maybe 13700k) with 5600mhz ram, two sticks dual rank. If you don’t care of wars or elite chest rubs tanking FPS, buy a cheaper CPU/RAM. No ones provided videos of “the latest” setup, so it’s all word of mouth. WTB video of 13900k war 1 point fighting. There’s 5800x3d 4090 videos out but not of War.

GPU recommendation with beast CPU:
1080p a 2070
1440p a 3070
2160p a 4090

For perspective, my min-maxxed PCpartpicker amd 5900x rtx3080 3766mhzC14 nvme gen4 ssd. @1440p all low

I get:

  • Wars 46-100 fps, lows during 1 point flag fights
  • OPR 90-260FPS
  • Windsward 80-180FPS

My supporting videos
Wars Greatsword New World PvP Assassin War - YouTube
OPR SHREDDING 36 Kills 0 Deaths New World PvP Spear / Hatchet - YouTube
Windwards meh BW will do Bugged Berserk - YouTube

I’m buying

  • 5800x3d to improve my 1% lows under stress (wars)
  • 4090 to turn my all low 1440p into med/high & enable DLDSR (ai upscaling vfx) until 4k 144hz 32" monitors are released

Good read on 4090s


If you ever record a war VoD with that 7900xt remember to tag me :slight_smile:


Any Best Buy or Walmart budget rig is fine.