Performance help please

Im running a 10700k @5.2ghz (all core) and aorus extreme 3080 and im getting 40fps average in towns at very high settings but the game isnt using more than 50% of either of them. Outside of towns im getting 100+.

How many names plates do you show/what is your nameplate show setting?

I keep mine on 2 at all times.

I run an i9 9900k at 4.7 ghz all cores, 32 ram, beast mode seasonic PS, an audio quest 150 dollar power cable, RTX 2080 at 2560x1440. I run high settings and I maintain roughly 60 at all times in towns (my FPS is capped due to using design monitors)

If I turn my nameplate settings up, it drops BIG TIME. For some reason namplates cause a lot of ruckus.

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Never factored in this being such a huge drain so will try it tomorrow and update.

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Also If you look at the bottom left number, I think it’s the number of connected clients. I’ve seen that number higher when my fps drops. Some towns I get 90fps some I get 40 fps. I think that has an affect on fps

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Hello and welcome to the forums @soulplay1987 and thank you @Medazzal and @2GramDabs for your great input on this,

Thank you for your question regarding performance settings. This seems to have been correctly answered by your fellow Aeternum Dwellers so do not hesitate marking their responses as the solution if that is the case.

I will keep an eye on this thread in case you have any other questions.

See you in Aeternum! :wolf:

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