Perhaps the 620 is really 420 and old toby?

Like, if they are going to set the game on fire, shouldn’t we feel like they need to puf puff pass along the toby and head to the shire? I sincerely hope with the license to LOTR and they make a game from it… well at least Bilbo had a good run? This game was beautiful with so much potential. really it was glorious to have a new MMO to dig into. I don’t want to be one to hop on the woes me train but, there are to many cons to pros to keep my interests, without needing to fish naked because of bad implementations. Guess I have to agree with a friend of mine it was fun for a bit. guess I will go and play a single player game like plague inc. or something. Which is a great game for $15 lol!!!

on the flip side i will miss the game a lot i loved gathering resources and hunting turkeys not going to lie.

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