Perk Purity Of Light gives allies additional % heal of the weapon damage regardless if any debuff is being cleansed

Purity of Light still says that it heals only when it removes a debuff in PTR.

Also i think the healing amount are off.

It is tough to see what number values you have there in the screenshot. Do you have floating numbers selected in the options menu? That helps with visual clarity when it comes to damage/healing figures.

How much are you healing with and without the Purity of Light perk? Also, are you using the weapon or armor version? Thank you.

The perk is bugged so it heals 2 times at the same time.

1st pic: 869 - 2079
2nd pic: 869 - 1686
3rd pic: 2079

and am using weapon perk.

The healing does not scale with Focus. Focus has its own healing multiplier that’s a hidden coefficient.

Splash of Light on the LS should be healing for the same, if not more than a Light’s Embrace or Divine Embrace.

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