Perk re-roll item

There should be a perk re roll item to use on legendary gear. A “Rolling Stone” or something similar, to re roll a specific perk of your choosing to something else random. Something available from PvP track and mutations or from faction vendor. Make it bind gear when it’s used, it would make it easier to get BIS gear. It shouldn’t change the market much since the items would be bound, it would however make legendary items with one trash perk worth more gold.


Appreciate this feedback/idea @DrPayne Anyone else have thoughts about this?

Depending on how easy this will either be too easy, or so rare that it’s useless. hard to balance when you get to choose the specific perk to reroll. A semi easy system to do while still having a tone of RNG would be choosing a perk to keep… and rerolling all the other perks. Still should be bound upon doing this though.

Kind of undecided on method to obtain or what to use though.

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