Perla nera using ice gauntlet bug to male the server lag and become immortals during siege

to be fair I don’t get why all these people aren’t getting banned, but still this is happening on almost all servers, so if you wanna win a war and have a territory, you gotta cheat.

Since there are actually no response from AG this seems to be the normality and the way wars should actually be played.
Kinda sad because the original idea of having 50v50 was fun, i had the opportunity of playing 2/3 wars without anyone using this exploit.
These new “wars” (if we can call them this way) are literally killing the game already, since these are supposed to be one of the cores of the game.
No fair player has interest in joining wars they know they can’t win without cheating aswell, just makes people quit the game already,

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You’re wrong, there is some response from AGS in another post like this:

We just need to wait :slight_smile:



watch this shit.

they will never even try to fairplay :smiley:

AHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAH vincono proprio grazie all’intelletto

What’s so striking about that clip? indeed I thank you for having done it, because you can see very well how we do not even hit even targeting people.

only bocelli could see nothing about this clip.

Why do they have to re-enable the guild name if they didn’t actually use glove bugs moving window bugs or hatchet bugs? Just because people don’t admit that one guild is stronger than others and rely on bugs and glitches that only they then use, so do I have to take this for granted?
Do you know the preparation behind the guild? the people who study his class, the gear, the war you do? as far as I know most of the guilds take and insert casual people in the wars and these are not my words … I have seen people in live making absurd calls to their team.
You are waging a war here, on various social networks even in play with various threats and insults to people, on twitch in the various live of the black pearl!
More than chasing a guild born for pvp that has studied and trained for pvp and does pvp daily! from level 1 to 60, I would say that it is time to stop defaming, insulting and offending! Because it’s getting maddening!

you look like the advocate of lost causes. Basically there is an almost confession of one of your members, everyone knows that these bugs are, and everyone knows that a war, however disorganized it may be, cannot be lost in 8 minutes, so have the goodness to shut up and tell your leader F4nta that without means continued to take slaps as it happened in the first week of Server. I was expecting a serious leader in Fant4 but apparently I was wrong more than Hardcore you are just cheaters.@tosh what are you waiting for to ban these cheaters do you want to end up like Activision?


i hate the arrogance they used, i mean u can be better then the others, but when we saw those videos and comments from other players, u just missing of humility, u can’t be proud of your conquests, not like this.


sarebbe bello parlare solo quando si e’ a conoscenze di tutta la storia, ecco la loro strategia e il loro fair play. ammettono candidamente di bug abusare

I’d say after this video you should shut up, thank you


Today patch note:

  • Implemented back-end changes to help our team investigate concerns around the client performance in War.

I was farming a certain area the other day. There were about 30 people in the next area all using Ice Gauntlet. Holy shit, instant lag. Skills not working. Freezing. What a nightmare.

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questo sarebbe da mettere sotto al post in cui fanta piange perchè il server li etichetta come bugabuser ahahha ( PN and their truth about Jotunheim )


Failed people, use cheat or bug abuse, I dont know why Amazon staff dont ban all Perla Nera guild…

This is the honesty of those who accuse us of bug abusing

and a guild leader to hellhaunts

Mass report at that failed people.

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