Perla nera using ice gauntlet bug to male the server lag and become immortals during siege

Well well well, not just the more toxic guild on Jotunheim, also the one proud to cheat.


unfortunately when they are unable to create a tactic they do this. They don’t know how to play and use illegal means to win

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So you are telling us that you have been playing since alpha. You prepared for the game in advance. You got to level cap much faster than the other factions. And still you NEEDED to exploit a bug to win wars? Even being overlevelled and overgeared, you HAD TO exploit a bug, because you couldn’t win by playing fair?



The same people who allow themselves to “Flame” in global chat, saying not to Bug Abusing, and who in their discord agree on people to report en masse, just do a little check of the people of the “Purple” faction that have been banned several times just before the start of the war, due to these people who enjoy exploiting game mechanisms to be solved, in my opinion they should be sanctioned, as they are making many paying people pass the desire, as well as after having claimed the territories in this bad way, putting taxes to the maximum allowed even in the cities where people take the initial missions, causing many people to quit the server immediately having no economic possibility to pay any such high taxes immediately, not giving a damn about the quality of the server and the game itself, I ask for a review by the Devolper to check the mass reports and videos made against them for sone.

Sorry i don’t understand this could me explain better?if 9 of your healers (probably the total raid Life Staff user?) are in the first 10 position in only 8 minutes where your dps are firing at? shouldn’t be possible make this stat gap in only few minutes until your enemies also use healing skill on his comnrades.

So you guys are crying cuz theyre using a weapon that is meant to be played? This thing is funny ad hell, instead of blaming on AGS for this relasing a game that cant handle a 50vs50 siege like its suppossed to do, you blame a player/ a guild that is using a legit weapon ( btw i saw some videos and it was lagging for them aswell).
And since you are probably one of those that have their inventory full of leather from hogs for abusing their spawn or using a macro to stay online. This sounds even funnier.
Not to mention mass reports to get players banned.

He joined the forum 15 mins ago just to post and trashtalk on this. You’re words are just, words. You have no proof of what you’re saying. We all have proofs of those guys intentionally abusing this exploit to gain an extra vantage on attack siege. Ask yourself, why the same guild before the bug was discovered lost 2/2 war against us?

Oh, i also wanna mention this phrase said yesterday from a PerlaNera member:
“This exploit happen in every server and make lag for both parts, AGS can’t ban for this”

Oh, don’t talk about massreporting, this morning i got banned for 4 days for “Disruptive behavior” because yesterday i got a debate with some perlanera members and nothing, they massreported me, luckily i got unbanned 2 minutes after creating the ban-appeal thread.


Who ever used this bug to capture a settlement should be banned!

Syndicate took 2 settlements (First Light and Windsward) in my server (Lerna).


Just because I dont usually cry over a game like you do. Trashtalking for what? I been following the game since ages, Im into some communities and Ive been sending ingame feedbacks. I know enough about the italian community. So,as you do, I can speak all I want.
And btw Im so into the community that I also know about the drama with the russian community that you guys invited cuz you knew you were going to get destroyed. So they are crying now beacuse they went to AN italian server to be free to do their rmt. And thats the main reason you are all crying.
Just a suggestion, instead of losing your time crying in the forums, use your time learning how actually the game works and try to get better at it.

As I said Im not a PN member.
And Im gonna keep saying “stop crying” because its all you do.
Crying for using a weapon thats built in the game. Saying a guild is using exploits or bug abusing.


And again, as any other game, new world requires skill, tactics, knowleadge, teamwork. All the things that your guild dont have. And thats the reason the Best shotcaller you had left the guild. And thats a fact.
Accept the fact that PN atm is the guild to beat. They are better, more prepared, more active.
Accusing them to use exploits or bugs just make you sound pathetic


Didn’t read anything about using an ingame built weapon or defend a point in siege being aganist their TOS. And calling me “kid” doesnt make your point right or you look smarter than me :kissing_heart:.
(I’m old enough to understand that if someone is better than me in a game doesn’t mean they are cheating/bug abusing/exploiting. And make myself look like an idiot going to a forum and cry over it )
Peace old grown man :+1:

" Do not : exploit bugs or other unintended uses of game features." directly from the rules statment, I don’t think the massive use of an spell at the same moment and in the same place to cause lag was an intended feature of the game.
And just to point that, i called you kid not to sound smarter than you, it wasn’t needed, your messages speaks for yourself.

another shame happened tonight same problem and I don’t understand you have the forums full of these people who use Bugs and you do nothing, in 15 days you have lost the half of the players that had started learn from Activision that by not banning the Bug Abuser / Cheater did die a game


Questo bug del guanto di ghiaccio è da risolvere, non è possibile che bannate giocatori che “insultano” altri giocatori e li bannate immediatamente e invece chi usufruisce di bug non gli viene detto nulla. State perdendo molti giocatore, alcuni già non ritorneranno mai più su sto gioco, ma aumenteranno ancora di più se non risolvete.


ah e comunque far finta di niente non è il modo migliore per risolvere, almeno sospendete temporaneamente il guanto di ghiaccio nelle guerre.

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i saw that and it’s totally not funny, that’s how lose players


Yet again. You said they were using exploits to win sieges but all your proofs are videos of a game which cant handle a 50v50 instance because it cant render the amount of particicles.
But, as far as I know, theyve streamed all their sieges and had the same pov ad you did.
So if they won the siege is because their dmg and heals were better than yours.
In conclusion. Blame the game for not making your defeat look fancy as much as you want.

@NW_Mugsy @NW_Berserker_Mike for visibility. This might fall under Bug Abuse

No one from AGS to take an action to fix this bug, remove the lagfest, and ban these guilds ??