Perla nera using ice gauntlet bug to male the server lag and become immortals during siege

Greetings! world of New World I wanted to know if you are looking for a solution has this problem, which unfortunately occurs in PVP battles, I have seen my friends from the IMMORTALLIS clan and I assure you we are not few, face the battles head on to no avail, it seems to you correct and fair the job your server is doing! watching the video it seems that the enemies are using something illegal, I don’t have much to say because I personally have not participated in any battle for the simple reason that I play to have fun and relax! and seeing this video doesn’t seem so funny, I HOPE in your collaboration on this BIG problem considering that many of us want to play PVP including myself.
P.S. I hope and await your reply.

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it’s a very sad thing, I hope Amazon takes action with BAN.


The funny thing about all this is that Perla Nera Is a “hardcore PvP guild since 2009” that played on many PvP centric games and that promotes honour and fair play, even on its website… And then they proceed to abuse an exploit to win in PvP (lol) and than they maxed all taxes just to grief the server…
I don’t really know how they will rehabilitate their guild name lol

    1. This is ruining the entire game experience. Put your effort on this issue or the game will suffer a lot and players will start leaving it.

Not entirely, only the PvP side

Well, New World is pvp oriented. Unless you enjoy keep farming 600 gear score binded on pickup items for no reason :sweat_smile:

TONIGHT will be another shame without you from Amazon Game Studio doing anything,
but that sucks but you give yourself a wake up ???


ma noi non usiamo il guanto

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I know that the things i am going to write here are not correlated to this post but i wanted to let you all know another exploit they using , hurting the community of the server. And even if the invasion is super tough and you need to coordinate in vocal (like discord), is not an excuse to do this, and clearly is not inteded to work this way.

So che le cose che scriverò qui non sono correlate a questo post ma volevo farvi conoscere un altro exploit che stanno usando, danneggiando la comunità del server. E anche se l’invasione è super dura e devi coordinarti in vocale (come discord), non è una scusa per farlo, e chiaramente non è così che è stata pensata l’invasione.

As you can see in the upper right, above the 4th and 5th group there is a line that say: “The governing company can only select 10 players. 50/10 players”. I don’t think it was intended that all 50 players listed in the invasion belong to their guild. For those who don’t know, the exploit consists in kicking all the players who are not in their guild until the system randomly picks the players they want, in other words “their guild”. Me and a friend of mine got kicked 4 and 7 times respectively before they got their way, both lvl 60 with a decent gear score btw.

Come potete vedere in alto a destra, sopra il gruppo 4 e 5 ci sta scritto: “La compagnia governante può selezionare solo 10 giocatori. 50/10 giocatori”. Non credo fosse inteso che tutti e 50 i player fossero della loro gilda. Per chi non lo sapesse, l’exploit consiste nel kickare a ripetizione tutti i player che non sono della loro gilda finchè il sistema non picka random i player che vogliono loro, in altre parole “la loro gilda”. Io ed un mio amico siamo stati kickati rispettivamente 4 e 7 volte prima che riuscissero nel loro intendo, entrambi lvl 60 con un gear score decente btw.

I have more screenshot, if a GM want can send me a pm.

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Nono the bug doesnt exist really, git gud of course.

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to be fair I don’t get why all these people aren’t getting banned, but still this is happening on almost all servers, so if you wanna win a war and have a territory, you gotta cheat.

Since there are actually no response from AG this seems to be the normality and the way wars should actually be played.
Kinda sad because the original idea of having 50v50 was fun, i had the opportunity of playing 2/3 wars without anyone using this exploit.
These new “wars” (if we can call them this way) are literally killing the game already, since these are supposed to be one of the cores of the game.
No fair player has interest in joining wars they know they can’t win without cheating aswell, just makes people quit the game already,

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You’re wrong, there is some response from AGS in another post like this:

We just need to wait :slight_smile:



watch this shit.

they will never even try to fairplay :smiley:

AHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAH vincono proprio grazie all’intelletto

What’s so striking about that clip? indeed I thank you for having done it, because you can see very well how we do not even hit even targeting people.

only bocelli could see nothing about this clip.

Why do they have to re-enable the guild name if they didn’t actually use glove bugs moving window bugs or hatchet bugs? Just because people don’t admit that one guild is stronger than others and rely on bugs and glitches that only they then use, so do I have to take this for granted?
Do you know the preparation behind the guild? the people who study his class, the gear, the war you do? as far as I know most of the guilds take and insert casual people in the wars and these are not my words … I have seen people in live making absurd calls to their team.
You are waging a war here, on various social networks even in play with various threats and insults to people, on twitch in the various live of the black pearl!
More than chasing a guild born for pvp that has studied and trained for pvp and does pvp daily! from level 1 to 60, I would say that it is time to stop defaming, insulting and offending! Because it’s getting maddening!