Perm Faction Territories

I think it would go a long way for a lot of people if we made the following territories permanent.

I would suggest 3 starting territories, but unfortunately EF/WW were starting territories at one time and are hubs for each server.

Cutlass Keys - Covenant
Weavers Fen - Syndicate
Restless Shore - Marauders

Basically, the fort’s can remain cappable and subject to invasions, but no declares on these territories. This way a faction cannot completely wipe factions off the map and factions can hub in their own territories if they wish. Removing the territory an item is posted from the TP would also help prevent discrimination on the TP. The three territories above are loosely fitting towards each faction’s style. Syndicate is researching in Weavers, Marauders are pillagers so a pirateish town is fitting for them, and the Church in Cutlass is obviously the home of the spark.

Towns can be updated to even more closely mirror those factions. Taxes would need to be tweaked for those towns obviously. Maybe no town owners, town boards give gold based on trade activity in some fashion, but also keep everything upgraded.

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