Perma Ban for making multiple characters

I wanted to post this over here for visibility (and anyone who does not read Reddit). There appears to be an issue going on where peoples accounts are being permabanned for making multiple characters in a short period of time. My wife did this on her account yesterday afternoon to check out several servers that we were interested in transferring too. Within 30 minutes after she received the perma ban message. Someone else in thread contacted CS and was told that this is a in-game issue.

I hope this saves anyone else from the same stress and that they are able to resolve it quickly.


Most likely caught by an automated system. Every gold seller makes level 1 characters across lots of servers. Probably almost no legitimate players do that.

So likely just bad luck on your wife’s part. I imagine they will have that squared away quickly enough.


We are aware that is probably what happened and that is why I made this post. Quite a few legitimate players are in the same boat as they are making new characters to check out servers for transfer.


thanks for letting us know. I was about to do it to check out other servers. Now not sure if I will…


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