Permaban for exploiters or you damage the game economy for good!

More like hardware ban them.


”Some” people were permabanned – the ones that AGS immediately could link to heavy exploits. Others that were seemingly only part of the exploit got significantly less. Remember AGS post saying that they’ve permabanned 1000 players across all servers and everyone was laughing because it seemed like a drop in the ocean?! More people on the forums here have also complained about other players who they have reported as gold exploiters are back in the game again. Ofcourse you don’t know if they were wrong about it but funny enough suddenly we have a similar gold duping situation again?..

If AGS had had the guts to ban all the exploites and their friends previously and taken harsh means to eliminate duped items we most likely wouldn’t have had such a huge gold dupe again today that required all coin transactions to be disabled.

(I’m not reading reddit about New World)


You don’t need to read Reddit GMs are unbanning players who duped

Reason why I wrote the disclaimer is it that some ppl here on the forums believe reddit is an opinion maker

That doesn’t prove anything. Just some texts with a name blocked out and a screen shot of money that could have come from anywhere.

@Luxendra’s post regarding their stance on exploits, someone may need more training if that chat log is legit.

A bug is when a game mechanic doesn’t work as intended or described in game. Bugs are things that happen by accident to players and we aren’t interested in suspending or banning in the case of accidents. A bug becomes an exploit when players use it intentionally, repeatedly, or both to obtain an advantage over normal game behavior. In cases where it doesn’t seem very clear to an average player that something is a bug, when possible we’ll specifically identify particular bug use as an exploit to warn they will be acted upon.

An example might be a spawn bug. Let’s say there is a particular creature that only spawns once an hour. A player stumbles upon a sequence of actions that cause the creature to spawn instantly. The first time this happens is a bug. But if the player starts going through the sequence many times to spawn the creature and kill it for loot, they’ve become exploitive, using the bug to gain faster loot access than a regular player would.

If you have to ask many questions past this common sense layer (how many times? What if it’s the same sequence to force spawning but actually a different creature? etc) then you are likely in exploit territory. There are far too many variations here to cover with a blanket rule

AGS fully supports duping and exploiting at this point.


Any sound game studio would never support anything alike but AGS’ lack of swift efficient means and harsh actions against exploits/exploiters are at least very questionable.

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If it was only a small minority of players duping the punishments would be harsh. There is duping in most games and it is always kept under the rug because only a tiny fraction of players ever find and abuse them.

What happened in New World was widespread and I would guess over 25% of the current population has benefited from duped currency. They can’t perma ban that many players.

I haven’t logged in since the first wave of duping went viral with 1.0.4. Duping completely ruins MMOs and Amazon’s response was laughable.


Same, but these forums are better than the game :stuck_out_tongue:

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So you think Amazon is not banning people because other players want cheaters removed?

”They can’t perma ban that many players” - Oh yes they can! And yes they should!

No matter if it’s 25% of the population or another number if players KNEW (actions proving there was good reason to believe they knew) what was goin’ on and received items/coins due to gold dupe. Give ALL of them a permaban!

Show that you don’t mess with this gamestudio and it will spread like a whirlwind throughout all medias. AGS will gain newfound respect and players will be far less inclined to abuse exploits. So they loose X% of players? Yes. If AGS stand up they will have boosted their reputation so much that probably even more people will buy their game now.

Many players can cope with and deal with half fixes and bugs again and again but their tolerance is below zero when it comes to padding cheaters/exploiters on their shoulders and if players already realise that the banhammer will hit hard on anyone who even thinks the word ”gold dupe” they will feel less inclined to use exploits. That simple.

With the newly gained respect players will be more inclined to play and recommend NW to friends. So more money for AGS. Who cares now about the X% who were permabanned?

So AGS will definately not loose money as they already got their money from selling the game and since there is no monthly fee involved there’s no loss there either. Win/win.

So again? Why the hesitation?


How about disabling or pausing wars as well during this period? How are we supposed to buy health potions and honing stones?


I hope they do permaban them this time. I still enjoy and want to play and enjoy the game with friends but I understand what exploiters are being allowed to do in this game is getting a bit excessive that I don’t believe any other company has allowed things to go this far before.

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People are getting perma banned for much less, a guy in my company found an exploit where he could jump over a fence and access parts of the war before the game even started.

He jumped over ran around to the enemy team and was perma banned. I’d assume they just mass reported him because he wasn’t where he was suppose to be.

When he tried to appeal they pretty much said you deserved to be banned and any further emails regarding this will be ignored.

Not saying he didnt deserve to be banned but that is far less than duping items/gold and crashing the economy


I left the game after the first gold duping and seeing nothing being done about that. It appears it’s even worse than I imagined in that there are still exploiters getting unbanned and bragging about it. I would definitely come back and play if they got rid of all the exploiters and their ill gotten gains, but that seems to be highly unlikely with their 24 hour bans and not taking any of the duped stuff out of the game.

I dare say a lot of people who have left (about 70% now?) would come back too. There are a lot of us who left but who still have an interest in the game, hence all the “I’m leaving” posts. They wouldn’t post all the stuff they find wrong if they didn’t want to play.

This is getting stupid, really.


Yep a few of us was on discord watching him do this, at the time we thought it was really funny how he could just run around and climb back over but then he got perma banned lol

TBH, it’s not an exploit but just bad programming. If noone does a proper collision check in ALPHA or BETA , then this is now a feature and not an exploit.
This guy should not have been banned, and if still, max 24hrs if he did it more then once.

Block jumping on cliffs is an exploit too then? And how about the soul quintessence farming which is possible because rendering re-starts the animal animation? The dodging all Elites by solo players to mine all Orichalcum? and all that other nonsence that is possible because of lack of quality control?
This is all just bad programming by people that don’t know what they’re doing. Hire better people next time instead of offshore cheap ass programmers that have only learned from their nephew doing things in PowerBasic and then not check the quality…

Duping is an exploit for sure; it’s intentionally looking, finding and exploiting files / data behaviour. But we should have all relialised they didn’t solve shit last time…
They knew about the issue during BETA, then “fixed it”
They knew about it last time “which ws different” (sure…) and “fixed it”
And now again the same issue…

What I noticed is added server lag, which is the most basic solution for lag switch duping already tried and proven not to work back in 2000-ish on several MMO games.
If you have any little bit knowledge of this exploit, you already knew they didn’t fix it but countered it only with server response timing adjustments. killing half of the game for playability. (health bars not going down in time, mobs dying far away from you, or just plain rubber banding)
Any “old hacker” would already now how to still dupe, any “new hacker” would google and find the answer in millions of posts on old games…

It’s a disgrace and I think AGS should sell the game to a company that CAN handle coding and fixing properly .


Well there was nothing he could do about it…the response records explicitly said any further communications will be ignored which set him off big time.

At the time we all thought it was just a bit of fun as he wasn’t actually hurting anyone but turns out he got perma banned.

To give full context though he previously had a 1 day ban for being abusive but a perma ban for what he did is still a bit much imo.