Permanent Ban: Made a really stupid joke in global [RESOLVED]

EDIT: this has been resolved, Ban was lifted. Thanks. Ive learned my lesson

EDIT: i understand mods here cant all check and appeal, but some can if im lucky, I spoke with live chat and they told me my best bet was to get a friend to post here on my behalf or use a different account to post since my main account will not be able to post here. Live support cant help, appeals auto close. This is my last line of hope.

Hello, Apologies for wasting your time with my stupidity…

Username: Yogable
Server: Plancta

Im a merch on my server, i love to buy/sell. i do it all day in replacement of having to do professions. A joke on my server is that the greens are known exploiters (wont argue here if they are or are not…) and they’re the only other people who sell void ore / void ingots other than me.
I like to think i am funny… so i would post in general chat during my sales of void, “Selling void cheaper than market” “Selling void, Undercutting greens” and ofcourse… “Freshly dupes void for sale, Cleaner dupes than green” and so on…

At the time i thought i would have to have proof of duping to get banned, but now seeing the forums and reddit littered with people saying far far less and getting false bans that get revoked, i realized how bad i fucked up.

I spent the past few days trying to appeal but i get an auto reply in under 2minutes (i must be auto right?) saying it cant be overturned and that i broke the “Fair Play” rules.

Im not a bot, Im not a hacker, I dont dupe and i dont exploit. I do partake in some Chat pvp now and then but nothing worthy of a ban nor of personal attacks on anyone. I need a mod to review my account and please see that I am infact clear of any wrong doing. Ive been banned for a for several days and had given up until i was refered here to make my final appeal.

I admit i screwed up, ill never make that mistake again, ive got 400 hours played in this game and love it to death… please have someone look at my logs and clear my name

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Toxic People deserve a Perma ban. Bye.

Looks like he learned his lesson

Maybe. Maybe not.

Next time, in another game, he can rethink his behavior.

i dont feel what I said was an attack on anyone as much as a harmless joke. but if that was crossing a line i’d gladly take a warning/temp ban and right my wrongs. Ive played MMOs for dozens of years and never had this happen.

I feel what happened was i got flagged for what i said, and then when reviewed they saw my chatlog and axed me. I dont blame them for that though i thought it would require them checking my account further to determine i truely cheated. Overall a bad move on my part, but a permanent ban for this? that does not feel right

i understand your PoV though. I hope you can understand my position too :frowning:

This is why games give important life lessons. Before shouting “I have a bomb, I have a bomb” in an airport thinking this is funny, you will surely remember how your similar joke in New World ended :slight_smile:


rather extreme comparison but i see your point. i would argue that bomb threats are illegal… while having the username “HackerMan69” in a videogame is permitted, allowed, breaks no ToS and is clearly a joke and not a threat nor a reason alone to ban someone for suspected hacking.

Saying “Selling Higher quality duped void than green” falls closer to example #2 than #1 in my eyes. but clearly i was reported for it and actioned against so maybe Im wrong.

I didn’t mean to say your permaban is justified. The person making a real bad joke in an airport will probably get a fine for it - but not the fine someone would get who actually HAS a bomb.

ah i understand, i agree. either way though what i did was dumb and i do hope i can get the
lesser punishment and the opportunity to right my wrong and continue for 100s of more hours without my wise remarks.

Stop playing the innocent lamb ffs. You got your ban, be a man and take it.

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its been resolved and unbanned.

i know where you are coming from, most are fake. but the fact that real false bans are in there, we gotta atleast check. there are probably others like me as well who haven’t been unbanned.

either way, ill never make that mistake again. thanks

No one should ever be banned to say something like this in the Global chat. Come on people.