Personal recommendations and feedback

The game is very fun and I love to play it!

I would like to have a more fluid battle-experience in PvE. There is no input buffer so oftentimes my heavy attacks dont charge, my evasion or blocks dont land and the weapon swas is notoriously difficult.

Big PvE mobs often have little telegraphing when their attacks start, but keeping the block up makes me loose aggro.

Possible Solutions:
A pre-attack-animation, something that shows that an attack is imminent. Humans dont punch straight ahead, we always go in the opposite direction first. Something like this would make it more fluid.

Input buffer for attacks and the weapon swap. Maybe a single key press that swaps the active weapon in a way that you dont press the button twice because you think that it did not work and then you switch weapons like a circus clown :wink:

PvE Monster that show where attacks are going to go so that we can play around these mechanics more. The Bear and the Alligator are super amazing! They are very unique and believable and super intimidating as well. More like that please.

Thank you and have a good day!

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