Personal Resource Nodes and I Might Come Back

Logged in yesterday and gave my old Company all my stuff.

While doing so, they told me it’s so bad on this server that they’re all farming Dynasty because they can’t get any Orichalcum out in the world on their server.

The entire Company. Farming Dynasty. For Orichalcum.

I refuse to play this fucking game again until you give us personal resource nodes. Stop being stupid.


Grand Skill Master Srilka

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I was suprised to see Orichalcum Ore selling for 3 gold when I logged back in after 4 months. I had 50,000 ore. Went to go farm more, and there were people waiting by every node… I would rather have personal nodes that respawn every 24 hours imo

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Lol what an empty threat. AGS doesn’t give a crap if one guy threatens not to come back. Since you’ve quit feel free to stop posting here now.

Farmed up 1k on Pluto last night when it had 1800+ people on it while leveling my blunderbussy you have to dominate the nodes.

ores are 4g each on dry tree and its nearly impossible to get any in the openworld because bots are sitting on every node.

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Yeah same with the Camelot server a lot of new AFK macro miners but this player has been AFK macroing for ages sent vids like this Still macro mining away. - YouTube to AGS and reported and months later there still going strong.

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You basically do have personal nodes that respawn every 24 hours.

You run tempest heart with factions quests from shattered mountain, you use the daily faction bonus tokens to buy an orb.

You then run tempest, selling the other slots, and state “my key, my ori”, and farm the ori in tempest.

Personal ori ores that respawn every 24 hours.

Makes no sense from a game design to have personal nodes. Just make the new upcoming zone flagged only and have a bunch of ori nodes there.

Or change up some crafting requirements to make the other mats more valuable (ironwood, skins, etc). If the price of each is more even, less people will only mine Ori and go for other mats. Then just trade for Ori.

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