Personal/Company Ships and Naval Faction Wars

This game has massively underutilized sea aspect, it would be amazing if we could own small sailboats for variety of different farming, and bigger square-rigged company ships for naval PvP wars over some islands/resources


That would be really neat. I could see rocking a fishing boat. And doing naval battles with cannons. It’d be cool if random fishing spots showed up while on a boat too (not always in the same location).

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Not to mention game already has lots of Age of Sail and Pirate themes going already, it would fit in perfectly

Yeah. Plenty of bays too.

They can’t get melee combat right and you want then to implement this.

We also need tanks in wars and outpost rush.

Apples and Oranges. I’m suggesting a future content idea and you’re talking about bugs.

Nothing to do with this thread

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