Petition: buff pylon and winchill

lists of suggestions to change the abilities. In order of most favorable to least.

Froze Area’s

  • All area’s of frost granted / generated by abilities should be 5m and should last 15 seconds.

Pylon Options

  • Cooldown set to trigger after dropping the pylon, instead of after its destroyed or expires. Limit pylons to 2 or 3.
  • Set pylon cooldown to 0, and limit to 1.
  • Immune to abilities (ie, you have to directly weapon attack it), increase health to 50% of player HP.


  • Make the ability just gust the player backward intead of a channel and freeze the player for 2 seconds at the end of the push back.
  • Change Windchill to freeze (root/cc) targets if they have frostbite while being hit by windchill
  • Increase the radius and damage significantly.

Petition: Disable IG until the iceshower desync is fixed - stop abusing it.

Currently the ice pylon hitting for 800 or more on my light gear.

Imagine if 10 mages just spam pylon. I think they should just add more range.

I would make wind-chill a pbaoe knock back/knockdown. The animation would a slight hoyw backwards while clapping your hands once, sending out the blast in a cone directly on front of you.

Ice pylon does not hit for 800, it critically strikes for that.

Pylon instantly dies the moment it spawns. If it was op, it’d be used. Its not, and in general everyone memes on it even though so many like myself want to play with it and see what can be done strategically with it.

I had considered the idea of something like typhoon in wow, but with a 2 second freeze built in.

Just used Wind Chill in OPR, it s totaly absurd and do not work as tool tip described :frowning:

It s only pushed back the target if it s only static… so no purpose in fight at all :frowning:

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