Petition: Fix The Grit Bugs

Currently grit does not work as the tooltip indicates, assuming the tooltip even indicates the skill has grit. Grit is supposed to prevent stagger, but will often prevent CC entirely. There are also some skills which seem to have super grit, or more specifically some grit skills counter other grit skills.


  • 2 players use shockwave. Player that first uses grit will be stunned, even though shockwave has no indication of receiving grit.
  • A player uses sweep at the same time another uses blast wave. The player using sweep will be knocked down
  • A player that uses berserk cannot be knocked down by CC (e.g. sweep). This may not be a grit bug, but is rather some skills counting as both knock down and stagger.

Some of the cases where skills receive grit, only receive grit when a user has 300 STR.

The easiest approach to fixing a lot of these issues is to swap the 300 STR and 300 CON perks, so that 300 CON provides grit, which would improve PvE tanking.

The more complete approach is a sweeping pass of all skills involving grit, stagger, and 300 STR to remove unintended interactions, and to document which skills get grit, and which get grit due to the grit perk.



sweep has been weird for a while now since the grit bugs started a few patches back

Bump in the hopes that this will get prioritized, so game balance isn’t being done around the largest source of bugs in the game.

We currently have this under investigation!

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