Petition For NW Devs To Do A Charity Live Stream Run Of Myrkguard

Two things:

  1. There is no “stream sniping” if you’re not flagged. And a good party should be able to handle any train adds by other players. Also you should see how other players are able to drop aggro from mobs onto other players. It would be a good experience.

  2. Worried that using fresh PTR (open boxes and get all your gear) might reflect than none of the dev team has actually played to end game to actually have characters that can do end-game content.

PS the Myrk Corrupted Portal with 2 Thorpes is the most fun you can have in Shattered Mountains

Edit: I seem to recall an announcement that the Devs would play OPR at one point, but then that announcement got edited out. Did that ever happen?

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I appreciate your response. Thank you.

The most fun is also having someone else also pull brute and bear too. Only having to deal with 4 bosses + last wave Thorpe is super fun.

I don’t get it, is this the communities way of “gotcha!” ing? What’s wrong with Myrkguard? I run it every day with my company and it’s a blast. My favorite end game content of the game atm.


Um, isn’t your 1st point basically a counter argument to your 1st point?

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[Dev Video] Myrkgard Run :wink:


Thank you for the video, it’s awesome!


But we wanted y’all to do it when it was buffed up as heck so we could watch you all get nuked by a nice front flip sword ground smash by the commanders in murk

Everyone’s favourite moment when it happens to their bud, and throwing the mouse at the door when it happens to them


Ewww…you guys are yellow

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But unless you change myrk lootdrops to be based on 20man. I thought myrk was for 5player groups. So from the 20, 15 orso get no loot :frowning:


it’s awesome:)))

I love when Scot loots the chest while everyone is fighting the priest. Represents me

@NW_Mugsy @Kay @Luxendra @Lane

What did the team think of their run ?

Did they enjoy it, was it fun ?
Would they run this and the other elite areas for 3+ hour a day every day ?
Did they feel it was rewarding enough for their effort ?
Is there anything they would change in the future to enhance these areas ?

Would have loved to have heard them discuss the run at the end of the video, maybe we could get a blog from one of them ?



Well that run does not count in my opinion because that was after they nerfed myrkguard.
We were asking for a run pre-nerf!


Really that was a nerfed run even though they failed to complete it :smiley:

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Nice try on fooling us. This run was done after the nerf.


I don’t get it, they nerfed it because they realized it was too difficult, so I don’t think they running it pre nerf is necessary at this point.

you can’t have your cake and eat it too


@Kay I loved the part where you said “…trying not to swear…” :rofl: And you all managed a remarkably profanity-light run!

All in all, I’m really glad they did this run, it looks like they had a pretty good time doing this and they take dying with good grace, it was fun to watch and it would be great if this was #1 in a series of the team playing some of the content they’ve created.

PS: Someone please help Mike with his settings or convince him to upgrade his rig though. :wink:

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Is it just me or did they take an extraordinarily long time to kill the bear?
I realize they are undergeared but damn!

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