Petition: Make all current "Paintings" Legacy and introduce a new set of paintings

Please make the full current set of PAINTINGS in the game legacy and introduce a new set of paintings. Many characters are substantially over the 500,000 gold cap and having a legacy item set that is tradable will assist with a fiat high value currency.

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That’s the main issue here, no character should be over the 500k cap. Only reason some are is due to funny business.

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New painting grind! Yay. New grind.

I know I’ve spent 300k just on weapons and armor and I’ve never benefited from company/other players/gifts. If someone earns over .5mill then its theirs to do what they want. Funny business or not. Your just a jealous bottom.

I think it’s a cool idea.
Not for hiding money but to have unique things that are limited and hard to get.

Bullcrap, I have plenty of coin.

Thing is no one legit earned over 500k coin even if all they do is farm to earn coin…unless they are getting via city coffers and shit and I have been playing since launch pretty much everyday.

This smells of looking to game the system even more than it has been with lots of the dupes and other shit that have happened.

Thats not true. While I’m not at coin cap, My trophies, materials, gear, and coin combined exceed 500k in value on the server Valgrind. I farmed all the trophy mats, materials, crafted my gear, and earned the coin myself. Making coin isnt difficult. At least where I’m from, craft a gen orb and you can sell each group slot for 2.5k each.

That’s the issues I have with these statements… I farmed all my stuff or all my stuff combined values…, i do too btw but you then used that stuff so saying that if instead you had sold it you would have 500k is a far cry from actually having done so.

I have found the real value you get from all those theoretical sales are usually much lower than what peeps have it valued at.

Also my point is while I am all for a slight inflationary market for a good economy raising caps and things like selling orbs for far too easy coin need to go away as it is pushing us to a far, far to inflationary market which will end badly for all.

I haven’t logged on in a while.

My yellow boys still dominating the map?

No the stuff is not used. Major trophies are sellable. The asmodeum/orichalcum/ironwood planks/infused leather/silk reserves I have are sellable. The trophy materials I gathered are sellable. The BIS gear I roll are unbound. Can sell all of these things at half its lowest tradepost sell order and I still exceed 500k combined. Big company crafters go through hundreds of k of materials and coins every week. Its not impossible that we could reach coin cap legitimately if we so chose.

Yup, Yellow doing pretty well.

They are not doing this on their own, they are doing with the help of their mates in a company thus my point. I am in a big compnay too I know how it works.

I sell and store asmodeum etc etc too.

Anyways I was just saying this is just a way to try and get around the coin cap. Let be real for a minute here and admit the markets are totally fked on all servers right now and that solely due to funny business.

I currently have 200k (just in coin. not including my items I have in the bank/houses) from selling asmo/phoenix/runic every day, selling trophy mats from my daily chest runs, and selling stuff I farm for gypsum. I’ll have 500k within a couple months if I keep at it.

There is no funny business. If you don’t have allot of gold that’s because you don’t make it a priority.

But you don’t actually right now have 500k and that’s if you just sit on shit and never spend any.

I have played games with caps before, it is not my first time around the block, like say DDO and while sure I hit the cap there too eventually I ask you all what is the point of having triple the cap of coin other than to fk the economy even more?

Stop assuming people, I am not a broke arse scrub…lol even if I do also spend lots which is what I feel is a big problem…if peeps are not spending and hit coin cap then spend coin past the cap for “special fiat” shit where does it end?

Yes, the markets are absolutely trashed. The funny business from territory trading and bots are indeed killing the economy. But saying that no one can reach coin cap legitimately without taxes is wholly incorrect.

Yeah all maybe 5% of people will have done that legitimately…lol

Also it not just from taxes if you are a crafter for a huge company with multiple sister companies, like I am, you are not doing it alone and reaching that cap alone cause you’re being fed by a huge number of people even if you craft for free. I include this in funny business.

Hi @VOC ,

Thanks for providing us feedback and possible creative mechanics! All of this is valuable information for our team for future situations, i cant assure this will be implemented in the future however i will make sure to pass this feedback to our team.

Please do provide it via in game tools as well:

  1. Press ESC, select Game Menu, and then Submit Feedback.
    2.Provide a description of the feedback, rate your experience, and then select Submit.

For me it has been a pleasure to see everyone’s opinions and new ideas for the game! And I will keep tracking the conversation in case I’m needed again!


I think it is even less to be honest. There is actually a company on my server that only invites people that hit coin cap. Its only a handful of people I believe

How is crafting for free supposed to help reach coin cap? Even crafting for profit is still a legitimate way to make coin, regardless of who the client is. Crafting for company members is actually worse financially because I do it for free

Indeed. My point is that having such as the OP suggests is not good.

One danger of fiat money is that governments, aka AGS, will print too much of it, resulting in hyperinflation even with a super duper rare drop rate.

In a big company if you craft for free you hit that tradecraft cap much faster, you get tips and now once you are lvl 200 you get aptitude chest and there no limit on those and you get them rather quick which help with those cd mats etc etc

I just think something like the OP is asking for is going to lead to more trouble economy wise.

The point of doubling or tripling cap is because 500k is way too low. On med/high pop servers items can be pretty expensive. There is jewelery at 100k regularly. Major trophies at 70-80k a piece. If I decided to switch builds tomorrow and I had 500k it would be gone in an instant if I wanted BIS equipment.

The cap does not control the price of items. The quality and rarity does. Raising the cap to 1m will not make a 100k ring suddenly jump to 200k.