Petition OPR Queue

I know there is already some topics but i’d like to have a petition going.
It would make a huge difference if you could queue for OPR outside settlements.

E: Poll updated - didnt work

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Yup, in an event thats barely filling on my server anything to help would be good. Although I’d rather get gold = somewhere else for the time investment and simply skip it forever. It’s not that good of an event.

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Sure, but its still PvP and the only option for PvP on some servers :slight_smile:

As a regular fisher, I completely agree with this. I’m constantly having to ask in faction, since I’m flagged, if someone will flag up and queue me up. Sometimes I get folks that will, but a lot of times I’ll go hours without anyone responding.

yes please. no idea why it isnt like that already

You want OPR to queue from anywhere on the map for your convenience and by the same logic someone could ask to buy and sell on the AH from anywhere on the map… For their convenience.

That are two different things…

Mostly you use the TP for crafting or refining. Wont make any sense use it outside of a settlement.
I want to q for opr while doing missions, gather or simply so smthg else than standing there half afk.
I dont know how the situation is on your server but If i miss to q up fast after a game i have to wait long.

If you dont want that feature - fine, but come with other arguments :wink:

yes please, was about to start a petition for this and saw it.

I like OPR, i also don’t mind doing some pve or harvesting BUT OPR gains priority. Sometimes i’m even too lazy to step outside a settlement just because i don’t want to run back for OPR queue.

Sure you could team up with someone who’s camping at a settlement as well and let that person queue team but man what a hassle!

Yea i also think that wouldnt be much work…
But i think this topic will also be ignored/overseen.
My playtime today: 2 OPR and standing AFK in WW. Really not that great feeling anymore. Open world is dead rn in my server. I hope they improve over time and fix the problems - i’d really like them to succeed.

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