Petition: STOP patching at PRIME TIME

Dont patch between prime time. Give Infos that Expeditions are broken and fix at normal working time. 2 hours offline at prime time is so disastrous.


Storage bug needs to be fixed.

Also just because it is your prime time, doesn’t mean that it’s everybodys. With the way time zones work, you pretty much can’t patch without impacting someone’s prime play time.


but prime time where? it’s always prime time somewhere.
I agree it sucks, but when it’s important bugfixes, instead of weekly monthly updates I’m okay with any moment.


ImHo they shouldnt patch the game at all. Just add mounts and me and my mates would play this game again.



they could do rolling patches so that it doesnt effect prime times… so people may have the bug a few extra hours but could still play the game at peak times

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Thats why we have different data centers. I have no problem when US is patched now and Europa 12 Hours later ? Storage bug can be easy work around with some guild made you trade the broken stacks and he trade the merged stacks back. Ther is definitly no must to patch NOW.

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They are patching the game while they are at work (US Pacific time). I would prefer they do this instead of making people come in late in the evening. That’s not a good work-life balance & it’s not healthy for people to have to work during their off hours and miss time with family.

You may be annoyed, but please show some empathy. These are humans doing a job; they aren’t NPCs you can just reschedule to do what you want, whenever you want.


I want them to just fix the major bugs ASAP. Prime time or not.


I am not a fan of AGS and how they rolled out this pile of hot garbage known as the January Update. That being said, fixing it as quickly as possible should be Job #1 and if that means the game comes down in the middle of the day (when most people are at work/school) then so be it. You can’t have it both ways: You want it fixed NOW but not to interfere with now.


Ever heard about shift work ? This is usual working model in IT. You are right that bug fixing should bne in normal office time. But role out and Server maintenance is normaly done at shift work.


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There’s a difference between IT work in general and devops work that involves pushing code + monitoring a pipeline and build.

Please respect other humans, their time, their work-life balance. The patch down time is more than halfway over at this point. :slightly_smiling_face: You will be ok.


Middle of the day in USA 8:30 PM at Europe. Just let them role out the patches at Noon in the different datacenter zones and all will be all right.


Completely AGREE!

CMs, close this one too.

This. I feel like they just want people to leave at this point because keeping players and listening to their feedback is not a priority and never will be for AGS.

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Yes I agree. Though the biggest community is still probably EU so they could consider that

Damn if you do, damned if you don’t…

There’s no winning. Going to piss off someone.