[Petition] To have Grit applied to 300 Constitution

Please give me your feedback on Tanking receiving Grit. I believe that Tanking is kind of sluggish. I believe that a Tank should have Grit with Light and Heavy Attacks in order to keep aggro on the adds they pull.

Taunting and blocking until aggro is pulled away by a bowman hitting for 10k or FS spamming Pillar is slightly dumb. I would love to see Tanks get awarded Grit to be able to have a smoother aggro holding experience.

Please be respectful in the replies as this is just an opinion. I would like to know who else backs up my train of thought.


This actually makes a ton of sense and would really make you feel more like a tank when you’re not getting pushed around nearly as much.

With the new perks revolving around heavy attacks, give Strength something to do with a heavy attack. Something like (I’m bad with numbers but you get the idea):

“Gain 10% empower for 5 seconds after a heavy attack”.

Would give Str users more damage, and reduce some of the left-click spam they are known for.

Makes perfect sense, Could be an Empower after a heavy attack, or after using an ability as to stop the LA spamming.

Tanks are suppose to wear Heavy Armor with massive amounts of resistance, yet we get pushed around by the easiest adds.

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Absolutely not. In my opinion grit should never exist on any light/heavy attacks. I actually hope they will remove it from the 300 strength bonus. It is a bad design that promotes boring gameplay where you just spam attacks. Also think about how unbalanced this would be in pvp where heavy armor / tanks are already way too strong compared to light armor load.

From my experience I have had no issue with aggro as long as I have a carnelian gem equipped.

What I really enjoy about tanking in this game is that it feels fun when you have to utilize your defensive mechanics to avoid taking hits. Use your block and even your dodge as a tank.


Besides moving grit to 300 con, I think the grit perk should be reversed i.e. you get grit while not attacking, but when you attack you lose the grit, and also have like a 20s cooldown after you lose the grit by attacking.

Taunt & Block is very boring. Tanks in PvP that have 300 Con don’t deal that much dmg. Grit would be applied to 300 CON.
Which means less attribute points to be applied to STR or anything else.

Grit makes the world of difference when fighting mobs. Tanks are desgined to take hit, Getting beat up alot with 300 str sounds annoying af, I did that already when i was a paladin build and it’s no fun. I get what you’re saying because it does make sense. Yet from a gameplay perspective 300 str users not having grit just means they’ll die more often in pve. The constant stagger is a pain


Timing your attacks while dodging important attacks from your enemy and blocking the lighter attacks is what makes fun combat for a tank in this game. I enjoy that. Mindlessly spamming LMB and not having to worry about being hit sounds like the opposite of fun. Sorry but this sounds like a terrible idea to me.

Make combat skill-based. Do not dumb it down even more.

Agree. Tankers should have grit, not dps.

Most of the attribute bonuses could use a solid rework.

Maybe 300 con doesn’t need grit, but it needs something to make it worth having. And tanks could use some kind of help–not help with tanking, but help to not be so irritated at the job that they quit. :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s what we are saying in regards to Str dps.

Dps with Grit = Stupendous DPS increase as they have no Down time.
With a good Tank, Dps shouldn’t have down time as a tank will be holding aggro.

Tank that hits a taunt and is getting knocked around or Holding Block = Less Dps for the tank = Less Aggro generation. Which means that STR Dps will pull aggro & cause Healers headaches.

You shouldn’t really get knocked around much as a “good” tank. Then you are doing somthing wrong. Also holding block does generate some threat in this game. Holding aggro seems easy, I honestly do not understand where this is coming from. They do not need to make the game even easier than it is.

I agree that they could change the 300 con bonus… but grit on normal attacks is not the answer.

At the moment, Grit of Str builds is nonsense.
If Grit should remain on an Attribute line, It should be on Con instead of Str.

That is what we are stating. As a Dps in Light / Medium Gear receiving Grit is str8 up nonsense.
For a Tank, it is not nonsense.

That is what I am stating.

I would sacrifice Defensive Formation in a heartbeat for a passive at the bottom of the tank tree that prevents pushbacks while blocking.


Preventing pushbacks while blocking is something completely different than asking for grit on attacks at 300 constitution. I can 100% support adding something like that, even though I do not think it has to be at the cost of Defensive Formation.

Yes it is and it was directly in response to this comment of yours…I don’t want Grit on CON, I want it to stay right where it is.

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Grit on Str is dumb, How can someone in light or medium armor spam LA and receive Grit?
Grit shouldn’t be on STR at all. They already have Grit on the Weapon Skill tree.

How is this hard to apply logic to? The stronger you are the harder it is for someone to stop you from finishing a swing of your weapon. You may not like it where it is, but it’s perfectly logical where it is.

I wish they rework the grit for 300 strength bonus to be honest, I think it is a bad design. However it makes way more sense to have grit on strength than on constitution. Atleast you are still squishy and you cant face tank everything and still be unstoppable.

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