[Petition] To have Grit applied to 300 Constitution

Str at 300 with Heavy Armor, you aren’t Squishy and you can fact tank everything.

I 100% agree. It has NEVER made sense to have grit on 300 str builds. Absolute nonsense, since the rest of us don’t get it.

I’d say tanks are doing great without grit. I’m a PVE tank and after some time of learning animations and mechanics you don’t really need it.
But CON is trash. 250 con is not working at all. I’ll remind you, 80% absorption if full HP with a long CD. It is triggered of blocks! And doesn’t even reduce stamina dmg. Wasted point. 300 con -20% from debuff time. Tank can cleanse debuffs with heavy attacks, healer can cleanse tank. Total waste.
So I’d say give us decent CON perk not the trash we have now. As there is currently no point going over 200 con.

Which is why I stated Grit would be a great addition, But for a Dps to already have Grit in their weapon skill tree and again in the Attribute is redundant.

Tanks already mostly block, so why not add Grit to them for moments that could reduce knockbacks and such.?

But it must be done at 300 Con as to not have Dps take advantage of Grit on Con.

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Good idea. Tanks are far more effective in other MMO’s. Loads of examples out there on ways to make us more effective without cheating the game. It would be nice to be effective in PVP, but that’s just asking for the game to explode.

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Most people that seem to be against my train of thought are Str users lol.

There’s no reason the shield tree couldn’t be reworked to add a passive deep in the tree that reduces pushback. Or if it’s got to be CON-based - and yes a solid perk at 300 CON makes sense - then it still doesn’t need to be Grit.

You could add a 300 CON perk “Stand Your Ground” (for example) that dramatically reduces how much a tank can be shoved around, even by bosses, while leaving Grit alone.

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That would be phenomenal.

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I would much rather want to see them adding something a little more interactive that does not promote spamming attacks. For example (a counter attack) giving one attack grit after you block (will lose the effect if you do not attack within a short duration - for example within 1 second). That would be a far more interesting mechanic in my opinion.

STR users have STR Weapons that provide Grit in the tree as it is. So why have it on Light attacks as well? That doesn’t make sense.

Very True, I wish they would rework the system instead of promoting LA spammers.

If you all are worried about light attack spammers then you need to evaluate your play. 300 str grit is an essential part of so many builds and none of them are the ones you keep mentioning. Light melee relies on this grit to get in and out of engagements, something ranged does not have to deal with, and something med/heavy users are built to sustain. Not to mention the actual endgame BiS build of 300str/200con.

In PvE a melee can spend plenty of time on their ass without the 300 grit. There are several mechanics that will AOE knockdown without it repeatedly, leaving melee in a tumbler regardless of aggro. Regarding aggro generation, taunts are what saves your team, not sword damage. To think a tank should gain aggro by hitting every single mob as much as melee is silly.

In PvP melee must choose between 300 str and 200 con. This is a huge decision at the moment for melee that affects your gameplay in a huge way. And frankly, the 300str is the weaker of the 2 options in my experience. Removing grit from 300str and adding it ANYWHERE into constitution would completely change melee and not how you think.

Right now BiS melee is 300Str 200Con, that currently gets you the best of both worlds with grit and extra armor. It is quite powerful but they still exist within the realm of the known builds. If you add grit to constitution, you have given that tree EVERYTHING a bruiser needs and allowed him to ignore Str and you dont even need BiS stats to achieve it!

What you are actually asking for is for every existing bruiser to have 300Con and 190Str. Who does similar damage as before but now they have 300Con AND grit. Then they have 14k health in medium armor and cant be interrupted or killed and I will hop all over your point and remind you of this post hahahaha.

This is a change to survivability over Dmg? That sounds great. You can always Stun lock them and beat them down. A.K.A Tanks. But they will not be putting out the same dmg as a Dps with 300 STR and 200 Con with Grit.

The idea of MDps having Grit in the Weapon Tree and in 300 STR as well is redundant.

Taunts are great, But again like I had stated. Why is it that as a Dps, I pull aggro none stop? Because of 10K crits on a bow or Pillar of Fire Spam.

Been asked for before. I will upvote again.

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Thank you.

They will do more damage because they will die half as much. That is the greatest dps loss as a bruiser in the middle of a fight. We both want the same thing for what its worth, especially with greatsword coming out.

I’m sure Great Sword will also have Grit in it’s Skill tree. What I’m saying is a tank is technically suppose to be the strongest in the group hence taking a beating. Not in terms of Dps. So why don’t they have Grit.

A Dps in PVE isn’t suppose to be a hindrance to a Healer because he’s standing and taking swings by a boss or adds and continue dps. Melee is suppose to be all about positioning to ensure they don’t take dmg. Instead, Melee is spamming LA or HA and taking a beating. While tanks Taunt & Guard/ Dodge with the Occasional dmg in between.

Something needs a rework.

Since sinking so much into Constitution just to role as a Tank takes away from so much, I think it should be at 200 Con or even less. Maybe a separate higher tier to have Grit on Light Attacks, but definitely something to help you hold aggro.

The Idea is not to have it in the reach of STR users and to leave it as a Main tool for Tanks instead. That is why I stated 300 Con.

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I agree that pure tanks are lacking in their role, but stat allocation is not the only route to correct that. Right now what seperates medium and heavy armor is 10% dmg and the dodge hop, Ive heard arguments to make heavy armor more attractive for tanks by increasing armor values while lowering dmg for the weight class. There are also specific tank gems that alter your abilities to taunt on weapons, why not an tank armor gem that trades 5% dmg for 5% armor or something along those lines? Lastly tank weapons all have their own talent trees with perks and abilities, it would make sense to add the extra protection there, buried in a tank weapon in a tank talent tree, inaccessible to melee dps. Grit in particular feels like its where it belongs, accessible only to the invested melee dps.