[Petition] To have Grit applied to 300 Constitution

DPS currently do not have to pay attention to their location whilst DPSing due to grit. “Unless it is a 1 shot mechanic”

Correct, But at least it would be an easy step in the right direction.

For a tank to get knocked around while throwing a LA vs a Melee in Light armor or Medium armor hammering away is kind of ridiculous.

But you do have some great ideas when it comes to taking less dmg. At the moment, Tanks are surviving though but seem to lack the idea of being a tank.

This is a completely seperate issue, arguably not involving grit at all. This gripe is strictly PvE (obviously because positioning is everything in PvP regardless of grit) and ignores literally everything else other than group encounter mechanics.

Firstly, there are a lot of enemies and encounters that will 2-3-4 shot melee and they need to reposition. Bears, brutes, and commanders are good examples. Grit does not change that, they still need to move. Secondly, melee have the ability to simply walk behind their target’s position guaranteeing crits, worth paying attention to.

I think because there are no blaring visual cues like other mmos (giant red circles or cones) people tend to dismiss them as mechanics. But I believe they are there. I would agree they need to step it up in terms of difficulty and variety to make these things truly impactful and worth talking about. Currently nobody uses strats for PvE because you dont even need one. The biggest part of running Gen/Laz right now is making the key and that just doesnt feel good. There is enemy-specific resistance gear that has no use at the moment. Hopefully most of this gets addressed with the new dungeons and modifiers, it sounds like it will. Melee dps need grit.

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