Petition to remove healing bonus from light armor and add armor penetration

One single heavy armor player running against 5-10 DPS players and not dying just makes no sense. DPS feels like peoples who just fight other DPS players rather then actual teamfights in TPS. healing experienced nerf because heavy armor made it insanely tanky, where as buffing dmg numbers alone has made it so light/normal armor healers who are focus heavy get 1-2 shotted in their own heals… armor penetration for dps is something the pvp just needs when it comes down to big fights so you dont get just walked over. melee has been dominand for so long even before the patch in large PvP situations
IF adding penetration to armor is too much of a task then having items like rings with armor penetration to deal with tanks but not enemy damage dealers is a must
currently dps just buys all the crit perks, tries to oneshot healers and then hope they dont run into any tanks while doing it, healers are completely unable to heal their teammates in high ground because they get focused by dps and same with low ground because nobody is able to stop melee players even if you sit middle of your dps dealers

Answer is void gauntlet :slight_smile: its not exactly penetration but healing reduction is way more efrective in mas fights

Void gauntlet does absolutely nothing unless you’re running heavy armor because it’s simply op in any combat situation. but sitting in heavy armor just makes you heal 200 health per tick and essentially be worthless to your other teammates.
one good example of these healers who heal for 300-400 per tick is elite zones. there might be 25 peoples killing elites and they all end up dying when somebody with survival gear tries to heal them, but when i walk up healing 900-1k with my 6k hp it’s a walk in a park for rest of the team but i feel like im chocking to every single monster there is, same as pvp

i run light now, did do med armor before patch, if you know how to play you still can survive against 4-5 People in light gear

If you get headshot from musket with bleed it does like 5-6k dmg and if you’re team oriented healer i dont see how you survive that with atleast 300 focus.
Is it really way to play healer where you just try to run away, you are unable to kill anybody and unable to survive any decent player who has aim without having all your heals for yourself

Yeah i run 270 focus and rest in con still do alot of healing usually in the top on leaderboars (tho leaderboard is not that good to, just go after it all depends what you do in the match)
Anyway it all depends on play style you have.
I usually play with two builds:
1: orb, divine & blessed
2: orb beacon blessed

Anyhow back to work:)

I dont personally run orb because i hate doing respec every time i wanna PvP. but this is mainly because somebody with full hp keeps stepping in front of the players i actually wanna heal far in the frontline making the targeting system useless. orb is bad ability but atleast it can go trough players.
It’s not probably something to have solution either because if the divine embrace would target players below 50% health as priority it would have to be in very narrow crosshair to avoid doing 360 degrees

Bad idea is bad

yeh that progresses solving the core issues, atleast give an argument for opinion. better just give +20% dmg to all characters in next patch and think it changes the combat triangle balance in some meaningfull way without being atleast littlebit tied to purpose of your build on what person is trying to kill?

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