PETITION to REMOVE self-SLOW on Fire Staff and Ice Gauntlet

Hi guys, time to share again our feelings for playing MAGE to AGS.

Mage is the worst class in game right now.
Hardest to play.
Hardest to equip.

There is no sense to receive a 1.75% slow on every botton you press, every ability or basic attack.

IT’S LIKE ICE SHOWERING (pre-nerf one) MYSELF all the time.


-Ice Gauntlet and Firestaff are considered secondary weapons right now, make them primary, make em viable again. Make them viable in Medium and Heavy. At the start of the game mage was meant to be played in heavy,at current state is impossibile.

  • Ice Gauntlet heavy attack has too tiny hitbox, too much travel time, too much time to hit.
  • Heavy freeze should receive a buff in 2 seconds at least so you could actually chain the heavy attacks on LIGHT, 1 sec on MEDIUM and NO cooldown while playing in HEAVY ARMOUR so you compensate the damage dealt. Heavy attack faster animation.
  • Ice Tomb should allow healing back as it was , while playing on LIGHT, instead should give slightly more damage absorption and less healing received while medium / same as now on heavy .
    Windchill: damage increased and now give targets a huge FROSTBITE OF 3 seconds and continue while taking damage.


On Heavy

Burnout: it has grit while on heavy armour , no interruption. burns twice the enemies, same stacks limit.
Increase Burn: Burns area apply burns stack on target which last 40% longer (2 dot)
Incinerate: now push back opponents by 0.5m more
Fireball burn area increased by 0.30m .- Fireball 3d perk now give refreshing of 20% on firestaff abilities while on Heavy on kill and 7 as now on direct hit.

on Medium:
Incinerate: same as above
Burnout: No grit , but 5% damage absorption.
Fireball: 7% refreshing on direct hit as now.

Burnout: has now faster animation and 70% longer distance (instead of 50)
Incinerate: 10% more damage.
Fireball: 10% refreshing on direct hit. Gain 5% more refreshing on Kill.

While playing Light slow 1.75 to 1.00
Medium 0.50+
Heavy 0.30 to almost no slow.

I think this would help a lot mages which suffered huge nerfs since day 1.
If nothing will change, i will 100% quit the game again. i love mage as a class and i really want to compete with it without getting refused inside companies or blamed, or feel the worst class, or weak… etc…


Nice ideias, but i stil thinking they should revert this light dodge with 20% less range… this doenst make sense, and turn game clunky and not fluid.

yeah has been nerfed a lot

Removing this slows would make mage to mobile. Same lvl mobility as dex range builds that they try to fix.

What they should do is to make this movment penalty 50%+ shorter or just leave it on light attacks. Since when you do heavy attack taht takes 2sec to load you are immoblized anyway.

Agreed. I gave some words too.

creating more armor specific modifications to spell is to much complexity. We already have even more being added with the new gems. We do not need more, it will create a meta that is uncontrollable for balance and easily broken.

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