PETITION to unlock Mutation Orbs Cooldown (Vote Strawpoll link included)

Edit: Added a strawpoll vote link.

We love mutations, is the best content new world has to offer at the moment. My group reached mutation 9, we are at 620 GS. We encounter a few bugs like not being able to progress the next difficulty with silver rank. ( you need gold) so we wasted like 4 orbs.

So what is this about?
Remove the cooldown from buying mutation orbs from Faction Merchant.

How do you do that and still make them hard to get?
Increase the price of 1 orb to 20k faction points and 1k coins.

Benefits of doing this?
Let players to play mutations as much as they want.
Increases the incentive of players doing more pvp/pve missions to be able to buy orbs.
Revieves the vitality of the server.

Bad benefits for doing this?
Yes, in the first weeks everybody will spam mutation orbs to get to m10 but after that players will chill out and they will do 2-4 weekly runs of m10.

Why do this?
Its fun :slight_smile: people enjoy doing the content the game has to offer and not being timegated for no reason.
You can keep the crafting cds. Remove the faction shop cds. Or even make it daily cd instead of weekly and just double or triple the price of the orb.


No, this would make things even worse.

This might be great for your top setup clique, running high mutation keys all the time but makes things even worse for PPL who have to PUG (which already became a nightmare with recent changes)

Significantly increasing the cost for Orbs will make Pugging even worse (You can hate the pugging people, but these are the “randoms” that the server-economy needs)

Also, gathering Factiontokens is currently one of the least “fun” things. Quests suck on such a huge level…

The Design itself is just a huge fail, punishing coordinates groups with timegates and punishing PUGs, because … its pretty much not possible to pug succesfully (currently, you need to inspect the gear of everyone via stream just to make sure they have the GS…)

I suggest remove the timegating, so everyone can profit. AGS needs to rethink the gamedesign twice next time.

You are definitely right, I suggested the increase in price due to AGS’s mind to make our life full of time gates. my solution just traded the time gate with other equal factor. So whoever wanted to buy one ORB weekly, they can just do passive faction missions and in 1 week they get it, for those who want to farm the crap out of it, they can work towards territory infulence, pvp missions, etc, push territory in conflict and they get more orbs for dungeons.

That would help PVP players that complain about this update to benefit more pve players.

But again I say, you are right also.
The current game design needs careful brainstorming + player feedback and do a complete revamp.

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