Petrifying scream and void gauntlet balance

I think the community has collectively observed that void gauntlet is in an imbalanced state currently, which as a void gauntlet player I would have to agree with.

The truly oppressive 1vX potential comes into view with the tanky nature of a higher con + some focus build running blade/scream/oblivion, this is where we see 2+ people getting screamed in an oblivion and left clicked to death.

The orb/oblivion/scream build is nowhere near as oppressive, but still has the potential to create some really imbalanced situations when paired with another player. A bad oblivion scream combo has little reply possibilities for those on the other end of it and I believe the core of all this comes down to scream.

Changing scream to a stun+slow instead of a root, and a small nerf to void blades damage would go a long way to taking some of the edge off this weapon with respect to the “scenarios with no answer” it currently creates.

The damage of void blade itself is a little higher than it should be, the issue comes in when oblivion is stacked on top of that and then you get rooted with no way out. As for the orb build, changing scream to a stun removes the ability for you to totally disable several players inside your oblivion. Should scream be changed to a stun you would then see players able to roll out of the oblivion the first tick of damage they take, or the first swing of void blade.

Void gauntlet is not THAT far out of balance, but the way the few over powered aspects of it work in synergy creates an incredibly overpowered suite when used correctly in the right situations. This could however, see an over correction that ruins the weapon which I don’t think is good for the game either - I believe this change to scream would significantly change the way people can play around oblivion and significantly reduce the Void Gauntlet’s ability to stack it’s features on top of one another (literally)

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So you think the root it broken but the insanely long stun from hammer is not? Or the ice that you can’t move out of for 5 seconds? You can still block, attack, use potions while rooted from VG. They even have these handy dandy potions that you can use to in root yourself. People don’t use all of the items in the game… If you used them you’d be fine. Oh and splash of light will unroot you too.

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i think that there are other weapon that should be nerfet, not void gautlet…


sucks to be melee in opr atm its a pain to deal with ice storm/shower and now scream

I think scream is fine but there should be an added animation. At least with hammer you know it’s coming and can dodge. The only gripe I have with VG is the instantaneous scream.

I play every weapon, every single one of them.

I have 595+ gear with full skill perks for everything but life staff and hatchet. I’ve played every reasonable void gauntlet build and played against them. The issue with the root on scream is the situation it creates when combined with oblivion and void blade or another melee, I have 2v6 inside a single scream+oblivion with a great axe partner on a clumped group - the second the scream hit them it was over, they have no answer to it.

As an IG/VG main please tell me your 5s frostbite secrets.

The 5m distance is also a little strong that’s a full roll dodge distance away and when paired with desync it’s likely you can’t pre-dodge at the right time either. Also hammer stun is not that long at 2s which is canceled with any damage. It is annoying given that it is a 3m radius but a light or medium dodge will keep you away from that plus it has a long enough cast time.

Have you ever casted Ice Wall on top of a rooted player? Then use ice shower to ice spike into them while they are in oblivion

So funny :slight_smile:

You are winning about some healers but not about:

  • immortal paladin
  • one shot ice / void mages with roots forever
  • spear players that stuns you to death
  • the 99% hammer / vortex stun chain until you die

Where have bigger problems than a 3 seconds root of a healer. Btw a healer with con / focus dont burst people down. Because the void gauntlet scales only decent with focus.

I don’t even know where to start with this…

I think I’m actually going to just leave this quote as my response and one day you can look back on this and hopefully understand why.

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+1 devs please the experiment is over.