Petrifying Scream NEEDS a nerf

It is insane how this ability managed to bypass a nerf this upcoming update, but it is in dire need of one. This ability is insta cast, half the CD of ice shower and can come up faster with the insane CDR that void blade provides (when running that build), has an extremely strong heal reduc perk but thankfully that’s being nerfed, and lastly has a 2-3 sec root depending on the enemies HP. This ability provides just about an guaranteed kill for your team and has little counterplay.

I’m sure people in the forums will be like “just dodge it”, but that can easily be said about ice shower and that got nerfed too. There’s a reason why ice gauntlet/void gauntlet has a one shot build because of how strong petrifying scream is.

I suggest make it a 30 sec cd to make it equivalent to ice shower and remove the 3 sec root when below 50% HP. Thanks for coming to my TED talk


Nah don’t dodge it. Kill them while beeing rooted ez


Not to mention it interrupts skills and sometimes makes it impossible to cast them while in the root. VG is more broken than GA and it is left in this state on PTR… The balance team at AGS are truly clueless!
Not that it matters, most people will leave when the expertise system goes live anyway.


I’ll consider supporting a scream nerf when they nerf hammer and it’s many stuns.


The thing with hammer, while yes it is annoying, they buffed freedom which makes it more tolerable to get out of. Obviously it’s going to be more difficult to deal with the more hammers attacking you, but that can be said for any weapon. VG quite literally has no counterplay once you’re rooted, you’re just stuck standing still for 2-3 secs depending on your health and 90% of the time (pulling that number out of my rear of course) you’re dead.


I think you’re being quite disingenuous if you say the VG root is worse than the Hammer stun. For one, you can still attack while rooted, but you can’t do anything while stunned. Second, the VG only has that one cc, while the hammer can literally chain one stun into another, then into a knockdown. Are you really trying to say VG is so bad and worse than hammer?


It doesn’t need a nerf as it’s my currently clutch and I’m enjoying flying under the balance radar and I would like it if you kept it that way

Yes void gauntlet is the most OP weapon, no it doesn’t need a nerf because I like abusing it

Just for anyone who wants to know what power feels like get yourself a VG, get it to level 20 then creep up on someone’s behind and then use this combo
Well > scream > light attack > orb + detonate orb

This is a thread about the VG, not the hammer. Complain about the hammer all you want but do it in another thread.

just block, then you will find you take 0 damage.
for bow/musket and rapier player, just use riposte.


I’ll do it right here, thanks.

Nooo. jUsT bLocK DuDe!

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They will take a lot more than 0 damage

They do nerf Path of destiny stun by 66% :slight_smile:

To the topic itself: Ye VG is flying under the radar. I got 12k HP and 22.9 armor and im being sliced to pieces by these melee VG mages. Must be satisfying tho :smiley:

I’m not saying it shouldn’t be looked at for tweaking, but there are other weapons that have been cc offenders since before the VG even got here and no one is crying about that. Seems kinda backwards to me. #NerfHammerFirst

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if you use void blade, you cant break any weapon’s block in 2 sceond with your light attack.
if you use range skill. i dont think any bow/musket player will lose this shooting competition. as for GA/WH, you really want get so close to a GA/WH player? can you walk away after the root? or fight back with you range VG build?

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any melee player is dead within the 3 sec root. Heavy armor just melts.

Just “blocking” is not going to do anything, most VG users use it as a follow up for your team so you get rooted into a ton of stuns or just a ton of dmg to where blocking does nothing. This post wasnt about it’s 1v1 potential.

so you mean you want survive a 1 V 5 fihgt without dodge their CC? if you are not that good you should run, i dont think a VG player can catch you that easily.

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Yes, so the well ignores block, as long as I hit them with scream and I don’t even know you can block them you can orb them and it goes through block

Lmfao figured it wouldn’t be long until someone comes saying “you’re bad, just dodge”, once again there is a literal reason why Ice storm was nerfed and now petrifying scream exist which is 100x more OP than ice shower ever was