Pets as a Weapon

Suggesting adding in different pets as a weapon options with their own unique ablility tree to our weapon slot combos like bow/warhound, musket/cat(tiger,lion etc), fire staff/lizzard etc etc etc.
warhound tree
cat tree

different level pets can be drops rare, epic, legendary

i think it would be very cool


Very cool idea! Although I think I would rather an old fashioned taming rather than getting them as drops. A questline to unlock a Handler’s Collar allowing you to tame a single beast throughout Aeternum with its own set of skills.:slight_smile:


Ranger - This would be cood, with how bad the bow is now a pet would make sense., assuming the pet astually did halfway decent damage.

Hi Panariel, thanks for posting this suggestion. The dev team loves to hear from players so I will send them a feedback report. Have a great day!


awesome :+1::+1::+1:

WTF is wrong with you ? NO NO NO NO pets LOL they cant figure out weapon selection and balance let alone the desync and you want pets LOL WTF !

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