Photo mode or the ability to hide your character

I know this is like the least important thing ever to request. But one thing that has always annoyed me is how difficult it is to take a good screenshot in this game.

Most mmos let you zoom all the way in as to hide your character and that lets you take some nice screenshots of cool environments.

I’m a proffessional photographer so when I see cool shots in games I love to take screenshots of it.

But in new world it is so damn hard to get a good screenshot of anything. Would be totally sweet if a photo mode or any ability to hide your character was to be a thing in the game one day.

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A method I use (but can’t be done everywhere):

Place my back up against something, pull out my hatchet to aim throw and put the camera against the wall. This forces the camera through my head. Then hide UI.

You can sometimes do this with a tent if there are no nearby walls.

Unfortunately they patched the old camera glitch where you could open up the dye window multiple times to force your character out of frame :frowning:

Oh thats a good one I will remember that thanks!

+1 photo mode

Great idea Jiggyspice. I will go ahead and forward this up to the Dev team so they can see how you guys feel. Have a great weekend!


Thank you so much :smiley:

Have a nice weekend!

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+1 really want this

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