Pick and Choose tracking/ore tracking

While I love being able to track resources. let me pick what i want to track. My compass is too full of stuff i do not care about.

also tracking for ore sucks. distance needs to be increased-


Agreed on this one!

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Also agree with this one. Tracking things like animals and bushes is crowding my compass. I’d like to be able to turn on/off each individual part of the tracking depending on what I’m looking for. Also agree that the range on the tracking for ores is too short, by the time they show up on my compass I’m almost on top of them already.


Totally agree with this @Seikosha. Give us filters for what we want to track, also I feel too that the range is way too small.

right? the range for animals is like 3 times the range for ore and i 100% need ore more often than hide.



Minimap wouldn’t hurt either.

please fix the range on ore. this is nuts

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Tracking of ore is practically useless. You have to be all but standing on it before it seems to show up

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