Picking on Europeans Seems to be an AGS Thing

Bend over Europe - Incoming

So after trashing the Euro servers for a week with the errr messed up distribution of wealth AGS now intend to use EU servers as the Server merge Alpha Testers.

One handed clap!


Europe has far more low population servers than any of the other regions, it makes sense to start in the region that will get the biggest benefit. Low population servers in other regions could equally complain about EU getting preferential treatment by having merges first, particularly if it goes smoothly.


I, for one, am grateful. I cannot wait for my server to be merged. I have basically stopped playing until this happens.

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You only hurt the ones you love.

The information seems to just be about merging one world into another in a set.

The set I am in if all of the worlds merged with each other we still wouldnt be full.

In my set lookign at averages if every world ws merged with each ohter we would be at about 1000-1200.

Im really happy about merges starting but we arent the only ones that need actually the entire set merging as 1 server. Some other sets would even eneed to be combined with entire other sets.

Can there be multi world merges not just 2 or would this involve multiple merges spanning weeks ?

Europe has way more servers that need it than other regions.

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EU is the test server lmao.

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At this point people are crying just to join the hype.


Wow. First we see “Get the merges going, EU is dying over here so stop ignoring us!” threads and now a “What do you mean you’re merging EU first…you guys are picking on us!” thread. Make up your minds?


And people keep wondering why with any change that AGS makes, whether AGS actually “listened to the community” :stuck_out_tongue:. Opinions here on what to do keep flipping from post to post and from day to day, lol.

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lol both Servers are higher populated (both ~500 Players right now) than any Server in my cluster (biggest is at 300 players right now)

While at the same time people keep saying AGS needs to listen to the community.

“Listen to us!!” - players

“At what time of what day should we listen to which players with diametrically opposed opinions on a subject?” - AGS

“Listen to us!!” - players

” - AGS

See i was agreeing with you about this one until i thought of a Key factor.

Yes i agree they should all merge into 1 server, BUT the main thing they need to look at more then the size of the incoming server is the size of all the servers combined.

Is if as you said, all the server would merge into 1 and still only be 1000-1200 full at a given time, you need to thing about incoming people, IF the game does a game changing update, or releases some nice content that other people see and get the game. 2000 slots just isnt enough at that point.

So the question is, do they up the limit of the current server, making it like 5000, which will impact the economy, or do they go back to what they have now and make multiple servers in the one region…

there is acctually a lot from 10-90 peak servers aswell^^

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