Ping in WW constantly 100+ higher than normal (not a home networking issue)

I play on El Dorado, a very active high pop west coast server. Lately WW has turned into an absolute nightmare to even run around and try to craft or look at the trading post. Other less active zones I sit around 40-60 ping with only minor issues. However in WW I’m getting constant lag spikes every 3 seconds to 200 ping. Has something changed with the server quality? Has anyone else had a noticeable server performance decrease lately?

The is the same issue we are having on Eden. It’s been horrible all weekend and we’ve had 3 restarts so clearly something is going on with AGS end. It just keeps getting worse and worse.

I just posted here hoping they’re at least aware of it, server performance in general is getting worse. It would be really nice for them to acknowledge it so we at least know it’s something on their end that they are aware of.

The German thread complaining about this got a response.also demonstrates it’s a game wide issue not on the players side.

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