Ping System and Player Markers

I know people have posted this before, but now after 2k hours and being in a lot of wars especially. This should have been a QoL fix/update long ago.

Ping system - I really think the ping system and player markers in-game (not on the map) is great BUT has one giant, nagging flaw. I love that there are pings, and a ping wheel. However, why on Earth is it so damn tiny? When I or my group pings something, we want to SEE it. You ever ping something in a wave of abilities and players during a war or OPR? Good luck seeing it, you hear the “click” noise and frantically fling your screen around trying to find where the ping is. Can we do something about this finally? Make it slightly larger or more vibrant and easier to see. I wanna hear the “click” look and go “Oh! Right there!” but as it is currently you can’t find it.

Group member icons - Why are they so tiny? Why do they seem to disappear when you get close enough to your teammates? Why is that? Just make them slightly larger and/or more vibrant and constantly display on my group members. It should never be a struggle to find where my group members are, especially if I’m within 25 meters. Not everyone (healers) uses group only skills. If there is a sea of red/blue I should not have trouble finding anyone in my group. Maybe even give us a scaling option for the size, opacity or constant/not constant toggle.

Apex Legends has an amazing ping system very similar to the current system, but it’s never a problem to find 'em. WoW has a raid icon system for putting emblems over your teammates, it’s borderline intrusive in WoW but hey, at least you can see it.



Even a setting in options would be nice to enlarge those.



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Bump again! Please give this some attention!