Placed items missing in house, and house respawn reset button



Items I placed in my home are missing, bed, bookcases, etc. I noticed this after resetting the cooldown on my home travel through the map interface, but am not sure if this has anything to do with the cause. The button that resets is also able to be pressed an infinite amount of times without actually resetting the teleport until closing out of the map interface and reopening it - resulting in the potential loss of a lot of Azoth (The azoth is still consumed per press of the button). 2 issues, the items missing in my player home, and the broken home travel reset button for azoth cost does not work until closing and reopening the interface.

I think these both may be bugs.

I lost all of the furniture it seems which was rather expensive. Luckily I had not placed any storage chests yet.

I have not recovered the furniture and have tried relogging with no success.

Test the home travel reset bu8tton by using the function and then trying to use the function again with the reset button. That one is easy to produce. I guess maybe try it also with items in the house you are recalling to, just in case that effects anything with placed items inside the home.

I am sure it is my house, it has the yellow icon and I placed several items inside the home that I know are no longer there. Button for home recall reset is able to be pressed multiple times consuming azoth but not enabling the teleport function until closing and reopening interface.

I completely restarted and re-entered and still nothing. I did notice that I also cannot place any items in the house. It says “Cannot place item, too many of the same type”. This occurs even for items that were not in the house like a storage chest. Even when I try to place storage chest it says “Cannot place, too many of same type”. I am hoping that maybe when my recall timer expires after 4 hours things may return to normal, and something with the recall is bugging things out. Specifically maybe the home recall reset option/function.

After several relog attempts, including completely closing steam and restarting my computer the issue fixed itself seemingly several hours later upon logging in. I still had time remaining on my house recall timer. Have not had issues since. This makes me think it wasn’t a coding bug but a server bug so to speak. Definitely seemed to be more of a server issue, something to do with the furniture assets placed in my house.

I had the same problem tonight when I logged in I had items sold but then I noticed 2 items didn’t sell and was wondering where they went. I had a good blue item too and I didn’t get the expired 2 items into my inventory. They just disappeared…:frowning:

They really need to implement a tab for items sold/listed so there is a record. Because unless you notice the little flash of +x.xx gold coins on your screen, you really don’t notice items being sold. My guess is if they are not there, they sold.

My issue was specific to furniture items in my home not showing after a house recall. but about 6 hours later and several relogs/client restarts, the items luckily re-appeared in my house.

Best of luck to you, it may be possible that your items did in fact sell.

im experiencing the same issue… placing a trophy into the house , and when i pick up back , it didn’t show on my inventory bag nor on storage… seems its bug

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