Pladin meta in war is just...boring...and exeptionaly over powered

In a war of attrition with objectives captured by most numbers wins, the paladin is supreme. Life staff and great axe or hammer results in a build that is incredibly sticky, the ease at which hammer can stun indifferent to all incoming CC while self-healing makes for an exceptionally effective and obnoxious combo when paired with a life staff.

This results in an enemy that can stun you repeatedly on mass and in the case of taking damage can quickly retreat to spam pots/healing and then return to the main fight with cooldowns now off on the hammer.

Simply put, there is no reason to take any other build in a war. The effectiveness of this build is only multiplied with the number of people running it.

And it’s so boring, today I watched in war as 2/3 of the enemy took either GA/WH or GH/LS or WH/LS.

Can you Imagen how mind-numbingly dull and uninteresting that is to fight against?

I don’t think this was AGS vision for the game, but it is currently the only viable war meta. Making them just boring. I know CC is in a terrible place right now, with the ability to chain stun or root being the single most useful thing you can do. But even so, this current meta is just doubling down on how unpleasant this homogeneous style of play is.

Please make wars more interesting, something where tactical combined arms play is rewarded instead of punished. Paladin build spam needs to stop being so viable, CC spam less viable. Hell, even just limit the amount of each weapon that can be taken into a war would make them more fun if reducing player agency.

Regards, a most disgruntled Crow.



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Life staff + great axe/hammer? You must be living in the past, it’s Life staff + void gauntlet meta now.

But war meta also needs to change from standing on point to something like destroying/defending an objective or escorting a siege weapon to the castle gates etc.


lifestaff+ vg is annoying too but god i hate heavy lf ss/hammer/greataxe.

they sit there. cap, throw a heal down then run around in circles in fort till enough people with CC comes to end them in a single combined combo.

not that its broken or whatever its just boring and annoying.

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My 2 solutions/issues with CC and lifestaff at the moment are:

1: If you don’t have any focus lifestaff should be useless, however you can currently go great axe/lifestaff with 0 focus and still self heal a significant amount
2: When in wars if you go into the point it’s just permanent hammer CC. After 3 seconds of constant CC you should be given a 2 second anti-CC buff as an example.

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Yeah, I feel like attacker siege is too easily countered, having a siege engine to push that was costly but effective would be interesting. Right now the attacker siege is so weak and easy to disrupt there is no point even putting it down as it only helps secure a winning position anyway, at which point it’s almost too time-consuming to set for real efficacy on anything but the last point. One thing that would be interesting to change is that the current war cost 5-15k to set tier should instead determine placement tier rather than max upgrade. You pay for 15k congrats, you get to place all attacking siege as tier 3 immediately. This would make the 15k actually worth it.

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i mean you guys really thought that 50 v 50 3 point capture game mode is not gona turn into shit fest follow the most op boring meta and abuse any possible bug there is on the way while at it ? if you want to have fun i suggest stick to random oprs .duels and world pvp , it is way more skill based and fun with diversity of spec being viable . leave wars for sweaty coin selling businesses ( i mean dominant zerg companies ofc , sorry ) till AGS sees that this game mode is pathetic , sad ,no skill and fun whatsoever and comes up with something better .

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