Planned Invasions Exploits

The tax system is broken and you just pinged another reason why. Please explain how it’s fair for one or two companies to earn 2mil a fucking week and control the market and have so much excess coin they can rmt… Hello wake up and give our fucking tax money back… Reduced Taxation or take it out and reward them with coin NOT from players or taxation

You have a PN

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The author actually forgot to mention that we allow everyone to join :slight_smile: We have a discord bot on a neutral discord server everyone (no matter the faction or company) has access too and we dont differ from faction, company, race, gender or whatever, only by the position they will be playing. Its pretty much the warboard on our server. And we even prefer players that are not with us everytime. I for my part have full 600 gearscore and im consul of Medicus. Now tell me, where am i on the screenshot? :slight_smile: Also, please tell me what we can do to get 2million gold from taxes every week, i really want to know that, since we actually could use the money :slight_smile:


She miss a few points.

1.) Everyone can join our planned invasions, you just need to register to the serverwide invasion discord. It doesent matter if you are yellow, purple or green. it’s the Discord the companies from our Server, regardless of faction, use for the invasions…

2.) We (= the leader of the companies holding the city) do that only for currently 3 cities (Everfall/Monarchs Bluff/Brightwood) on the server, the rest of the invasions are FFA.

3.) Yes, AGS implemented the 10/fix - 40/random ppl for a reason, but they implemented the kick button for a reason also.

And i think you are the same person we invited to join the planned invasions, but refused to do it, because it’s to much to take the 2 minutes to register to the SERVERWIDE Invasion Discord and answer an bot what weapons you play for an invasion ? While also saying that we abuse game mechanics by speaking to green and yellow players and using discord? Not sure, tho.

That being said. It’s true we do win some random invasions currently. Not many, but all of them, i was in, used the strategy we use in our planned invasions, and alot of them had players from the planned ones, with coatings/stones/bufffood/trophys and the knowledge what to do.

And if anyone want a working strategy for invasions, send Avylin an PN.

Edit: Just realized she posted in the bugs and exploits section. Gave me a good laugh.
Edit2: The picture she posted has players from atleast 2 factions inside. Not sure about Yellow, i dont know every name of the players. Also, half of the players in that planned invasion are not from our company.


Yeah that’s easy to do… Do you even play bro?

If you did, you’d realize the same power factions with the same god gear run those cities. Face it… Factions are well planted now and any new ‘upcoming’ factions just wont survive long enough to even have a sliver of a chance.

The OP is right. I’ve never been kicked from so many invasions since playing this game. It feels rigged. I have a better chance playing super late night when no one’s on, which I can’t do very often. In almost all cases, it’s moot. No point since there aren’t enough people participating and you get wasted.

Certain few factions run everything and they MIGHT change hands between only a couple more factions who usually already own other cities. It just goes back and forth. There is no room for anyone else you silly goose. It’s locked down and it will remain until those factions in control quit or go to another server.

Sounds a lot like the real world. Money talks in this game. People who own cities just keep making that precious gold and it doesn’t trickle down. It goes towards the best gear that any average user CANT obtain. It shows in wars… invasions and OPRs. The top few overpower the bottom many in every aspect of this game. There is no balance here.

Your suggestion is laughable. That’s like saying… If you don’t like your government, you can overthrow them. Or… If you want to keep your doctor, you can. lol

Because if they let randoms into Invasions or Wars, those randoms could be idiots or trolls that end up causing the defense to fail.
When you are in charge of a Settlement and don’t want to lose it or let it degrade, then you will realize this.

The only real way to solve this “issue” is to make no Settlement really be at stake in Invasions or Wars. Make it just another type of instanced content like Outpost Rush.

In fact there are numerous benefits to completely separating player influence from settlements, including more open world pvp and more opportunities for players to try Wars and Invasions.

Isnt that the point?

WTF are you (or them) to say who can and can’t play the game and participate in what they PAID FOR.

This is the problem with giving controlling companies this kind of power to say who can and can’t participate in something people paid the same damn money for. This is pathetic in every single way.

So you’re saying only the best should have the right to participate in invasions? Pretty damn sad if you ask me.

It should be first come first serve. War if any at all, would be the only exception.

We’re also doing that. Not gonna loose gold because of randoms. Everyone is free to send us a screen of his gear and trophies on dc and participate in the invasions of our territories



Do you people even read what you’re spewing? How fkd up is that???

DEVs allowing people/companies like you continue controlling this game will have so many people exiting staged left to where all you have are your precious companies playing. There are more people playing than your company members.

Shit like this makes me want to quit right this second because I know you’ll get you’re way and the way the game is set up… you get just that.

I think the topic went from “we are planning our invasions” to “i paid for the game so i want to get the content.” where we already said “everyone can join” :smiley:
And to the question who we are to say who can and who cant join? The ones OWNING the town. We claimed it and defended it month over month, so we obviously have the right to plan it too :slight_smile:
And the topic “we cant win wars against leading factions” is a completely different topic and has no place here.
If we are talking about “Mistakes” AGS did, its that they let lvl 50 players join invasions where in the last seconds a minimum of 4 lvl 66 bosses is stacked in front of pretty much every gate. How should a lvl 50, that neither has the gear, nor the level to use all the consumables we use in every invasion. T5 Honing Stone, T5 Buff Food, T5 Corrupted Coating, Corrupted Combat Trophys in our 3 Housings.
You are pretty much complaining that we try to (and actually do) win the invasions in OUR OWN TOWN.
You want to participate? Have the level and gear for it and apply. I mean, youre not complaining that a lvl 50 isnt invited into lvl 60 expeditions or myrkgard runs either are you?


You have war. I understand stacking your deck for that. Invasion… You lose nothing. Anyone that meets the criteria (lvl 50+) should be able to participate. Putting limits or conditions on someone that wants to participate in the features they were promised by the game is BS. Even demanding people sign up for discord is also BS. Discord isn’t NW and has nothing to do with NW. Telling people they can’t join an invasion unless they’re in discord is sad and pathetic.

You’re no different from the guy who said that they need screen shots of gear and trophies before they let someone participate.

This has nothing to do with ‘you get a participation trophy’. This is something vastly different based on level… not how well you’re geared.

You bastards have way too much control of this game and it’s excluding regular players. I’ve never seen a game cater so much to the power mongers in a game like this one does.

You forgett - the Server have 11 Invasions and only 3 of them are planed! Not all, but i think, this post is provocating, that we play all of our Invasions planed in the future. We intergrated after the Server Merge a lot of “new” Players instand in the planed invasion. ONLY ONE Company have a Problem with this and will not be integrated.

We plan normaly Everfall
a other company plan Brightwood
and a third Company plan Monach´s Bluff

thats all - the other Invasions are normaly free. But we are talking now, if we should plan all of our Invasions in the next time.

AGS made Invasions so hard, it´s not possible to win them with a lot of lvl 50er, with 20 Healers or 30 Tanks. The random factor vs. the difficulty is not balanced. So we (and a lot of other companies) try to find a way to win Invasions. And we find our way. And lose every Invasion is not funny. We don´t wanna go in a Invasion for free Azoth and gold, we will have the chance to win this.


Invasion = Our town gets attacked and hundred thousands of gold repair cost are coming our way. you are silly if you insult us as bastards because we hold and manage our city the way we want. There are servers out there that are doing even worse things: using the money they get from taxes to buy up all the good equip from the market so every other faction stays undergeared. yes, people do that. we on the other hand offer EVERYONE to participate. we are spending hours over hours helping newer players to understand invasions so they can participate. we share the knowledge with everyone. and you are calling us bastards? envy makes people evil it seems.


I’ve really wondered if it’s worth answering, but my opinion on it is this:

  1. Those who own the city decide who will play their invasions. You do not like it ? Then take the city and do as you see fit!
  2. EVERYONE can play if they log in to the Raidbot in the Discord beforehand and the role is needed. Nobody goes into a dungeon with 5 healers, just so that everyone who wants to can come in ?!
  3. Anyone who, like the thread creator in the Discord, declares that they are already toxic and cynical and that they keep signing up just to annoy the invasion leadership because they aren’t ready to sign up in advance, that says a lot.
  4. There are only 3 regularly planned invasions with us, all others are FFA - and there is really always a rotation and “new” players who register are taken with them. There will be a meeting with these players in advance where their position and task will be explained and questions will be answered.
    I think it is absolutely legitimate and okay that the invasion leadership, who has worked out a working procedure for days and weeks, determines who to take with them.
    And I would like to emphasize again that I was there when the thread creator was in the Discord and got upset there, we would violate the TOS of AGS and exploit bugs (the kick button).
    Sorry, but such behavior should be blocked, and not the work and effort that the city rulers make to successfully ward off invasions!

sorry 4 google translate xD


Das ist totaler Quatsch. Wir haben die niedrigste Steuer eingestellt. Und wir zahlen jede Woche 150.000 an die Stadt. Das übersehen alle. Da bleibt nicht viel übrig.
Aber wir wissen Erfolg muss man sich erarbeiten, Neid bekommt man umsonst.

This is total bullshit. We have set the lowest tax. And we pay the city 150,000 every week. Everyone overlooks that. There isn’t much left.
But we know you have to work for success, envy is free.

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Tell me you’ve never run a company that owns - and has to maintain - a settlement without just coming out and saying it.

What do you mean they lose nothing?

He doesnt know that losing an invasion downgrades many buildings (around 8 i think its in everfall). He also doesnt know that you can only start 1 upgrade per section (City or Fort) per day, so it takes almost a week to rebuild the damage. sad thing that invasions are every 4 days. oh and having to pay the upgrade costs again doesnt remove the need to pay taxes. that goes on top :slight_smile:

  • Not an exploit.
  • This doesn’t just happen on one server. The only thing you are doing is excluding yourself on purpose. See the replies - even though you are pillorying people here, you are invited not excluded and already had been invited earlier for sure. If you simply don’t want, it’s on you.
  • If you can’t team up in a multiplayer game, you have to accept that not everybody else. Nothing wrong on that, play as you like as long as you aren’t affecting other players with that attitude. Anyhow, that shouldn’t be a reason to write a false exploit report. A personal lack of team/community competence or will, still doesn’t make this the abuse of an exploit.
  • OP has no idea how expensive a maxed out town (town has to pay massive taxes) really is, and also doesn’t know how to win invasions. Someone already wrote that. If those stations are not up to level 5 many other players are far more unhappy about that. Taxes also would be higher.
  • The trade post was “emptied” after the merges by new players due to price differences, and prices went up after the merges because more people are farming and using materials.

There is no weakness of the system systematically abused - so by definition no exploit as it’s used as it’s intended to be. It’s just organized (everyone is free to apply) and not exploited, because the system is just used and not abused.
It’s a great way of planning and winning invasions on a regular basis. If many people on a server already did joined pre-planned invasions in the past, it can work without serious pre-planning. You still need something like Discord or Teamspeak to communicate.
If you play to lose, there are plenty of unplanned regular invasions - join them and enjoy being defeated or might be lucky and many who did a planned one already are there. Easier way is just join and talk to the people in charge?!

You can win random invasions - sure, happened a couple of times and in those cases, usually most of the players played a planned invasion already at least once and know what they have to do and how.
Game Features like War and Invasions rely on communication, if you want to win, and gaming with others in general is always about communication. Pre-Planned is not really different to random, except that some very engaged player put a lot of time and effort into it upfront and make sure that the constellation of the defenders is good. They even have an earlier meeting for new defenders to explain everything.

Appreciate the organization (which needs hours) and the fact, that there is nobody excluded except players who exclude themselves.

IMHO you should say sorry about a misunderstanding and participate in the community instead of saying that it’s bad to have a community with people who are enjoying the victory of an invasion and are trying to keep multiple towns up or even maxed out for all players. Your whole point would be done if you just participate in the existing invasion community. Again - you aren’t excluded, you excluded yourself. And to remove a system to kick people would open the doors for sabotaging invasions. Griefing actually does happen in invasions.

Have a great one.

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You have zero clue on what you are talking about. Just be quiet. Invasions require communication, gear and trophies. Inviting 50 random people would be total chaos.


Yes, it is and as you were told multiple times that everyone is welcome. They just want to pre-plan about weapons and positions. Nothing else, your choice to not do that.

The “game will lose players’ argument” is weak and used by everyone in this forum who wants to have his will. Also, you aren’t restricted and already told how easy it is. Not even talking about the other mentioned invasions, which aren’t planned.

It’s your opinion how things are supposed to be. Invasions are there to be defended, as it’s called victory if you are successful. Otherwise invasions would be called “please loose so that you have to upgrade again and again and again and players can’t craft and are complaing about missing Tier 5 crafting and refining stations”. That name is not just unhandy, it’s ridiculous.