Platinum's purpose

Hello !

I’m mainly a jeweler, as trading job, and I arrived a few days ago at the point where I can use orichalcum to craft better jewelry.
Nothing particular in that, the thing is, I have a buuuunch of platinum ingots in my inventory, and I’m wondering now what to do with it. Well, of course, I can just use it to xp, but at this point, might as well just use silver, as the xp gain would be the same.
So I can use what I have left for xp, sure. But what’s the point of getting more ore ? (It sure is good to get the gems from it, but… What about the ore itself ? You just throw it away…)

I liked the idea to have a precious metal tree alongside the main metal tree used for weapons, armors, etc., but at some point, the only use of precious metals gets overlapped by the normal metal tree.
What is the point of getting gold and platinum’s ore anymore ? They aren’t used (From what I know) in anything else. Maybe some furnitures ? I can’t tell.

It just feels sad to have this second metal tree, that gets it’s ONLY purpose done better by the first tree.
It’s just my opinion, though, but I’d like to get more use of it. Or maybe like, at least incorporate platinum ingots in Asmodeum’s craft, and lower the orichalcum’s ingots requirement ? Idk, balancing isn’t my job, but I just would like to get more use for the platinum.

I’d be curious to know if some people share my opinion on that, or if there’s some other purpose for it that I am not aware of :slight_smile:


Exactly my thoughts today when I gave some mats to a company member who has reached 200 in jewelry.

IMO there should be another t5 metal just for jewelry.

I’ve not run into this problem yet but I would appreciate there being an option to use the lowest quality items vs it auto selecting the highest for better outcome. Sometimes I forget and I end up using gold or platinum when I’m just mass craft junk common to rare gem slot accessories for EXP.

You will run into this problem eventually when you realize that you are better off leveling this skill with silver because it is more abundant and gives the same amount of XP fndor the skill. And you don’t need platinum or gold for endgame gear at all

For good weapons and armor you need orichalcum which needs iron, steel, starmetall.

For good jewel’s you need orichalcum as well so you don’t need gold and platinum ever for good jewel’s ever

Only in the midgame for a while where people might use t4 jewel’s because they don’t have access to orichalcum yet. But that is a small phase which has already passed for many I think.

Yeah I’ve already noticed silver is better than gold because I will come out with more of that since I don’t need other components to smelt the ingots. I just didn’t know it’d carry on into Lv.200 or higher tier stuff.

That kind of stinks.

There’s a bunch of oddities with crafting that I’m sure will get sorted.

Furnishing has placeholder images, animal eyes can’t be used in arcana recipes. Hopefully they will address this one.


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