Played 2 OPR matches and only got 1 Ruby Gypsum

As title says I played 2 OPR matches and only got a single Ruby Gypsum (Didn’t get one after the second match). According to it is a guaranteed drop after every OPR match for the first 2 of the day. Pretty sure the system doesn’t properly work.

If I’m correct I believe you can only get one per day?

You can get 2 per day

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Yup you can get 2 per day and it should get rewarded after the first 2 matches (which it didn’t for me).

3 out of 5 I got zero rewards

Yea I talked to multiple people and it seems everybody occasionally doesn’t get any rewards. At first I thought there might be a threshhold for performance to get rewarded. However today I had another game where I came in second overall and didn’t get any rewards again.

Really hope the developers can look into this as it’s super frustrating to play for like 25 minutes and then get nothing for it.

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Any chance of an update? Just did 72k damage, helped get a brute, bunch of assist and 2 kills … no loot

I just would like to what gives you the loot. I play OPR to try and PvP but if loot boxes are determined by how many trees to cut down then be nice to know how much PvE I need to do before I can start PvP

Update be nice!

Signed up for OPR and went out mining … got in a match in progress … only had 10m but got 3 kills and bunch of damage. No reward.

Let us que OPR from anywhere in world or please dont put us in a game we can not get rewards from

+1 Having this issue today, No Cache, No Gypsum, No gold nothing…

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