Player abusing the Hatchet Damage Exploit in a 62 zone

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  • What is your character name in New World: Drhak

  • What server/world did you experience your issue on: Perseus

  • Describe the issue you are experiencing: This player named Eozombie is abusing the hatchet exploit and farming a 62 zone were you can’t farm without a healer and a tank. He’s been there for several hours preventing other players to farm that zone. He admited using the exploit.

  • Is this a bug or an exploit: exploit

  • (if a bug) How did the issue effect your gameplay: Preventing us to farm that zone since he has a full controll of it

  • (if a bug) Were you able to recover from the issue: Yes, but affecting badly our mining rout

  • (if a bug) Please include a screenshot or video of the issue that you have experienced:

  • What are the steps to reproduce the issue as you experienced: I don’t know how to do this bug

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While we’re strungling to do our rout as a 3 player group and dying over and over and spending money on repair this guy soloing all mobs and the boss and preventing us to get any ore since he have 300 str and one shoting nodes. How this is fair ?


Even if there was no bug/exploit, like I said, this is my main weapon, even if this bug/exploit was not here, I would still be here solo’ing these guys. You threating and harassing me in game trying to get me banned is not going to work.

It is not my fault that this weapon currently has a bug/exploit on it.

I am not abusing. I am simply using the weapon as intended.

Edit : I see that you say that you are unable to farm here without a tank / healer. You are incorrect, maybe get some better gear and try it solo. With a hatchet, you have berserk which heals you ever 4 seconds, so you have food and potions. You can farm here solo.

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So yeah taking control of a whole zone almost one shoting every mob and boss and preventing all player to farm there is ok. Yeah yeah. Pretty sure if someone else did that you would be the first one making a post about it. Anyways don’t want to argue with youv’e been there for several hours preventing everyone to farm. That’s not ok

The point of farming there is to drop void ore and with a high miner set you can’t run there alone. Your at 300 str lmao and soloing every boss and mobs yeah right it’s because you have “better gear”. That’s why we have tanks and healer in this game. To be able to run endgame zone. I wouldn’t mind if you were, farming mine alone cause you can actually farm there without getting hit by the mobs but You can’t farm Shattered Mountains solo since there is multiple worms who’s 2-3 shootting you if you have a decent mining gear. But keep saying it’s not your fault if there something like that in the game and you’r not doing anything wrong. And one more thing we have multiple hatchet players in our guild and none of them are hitting for 3-4k wondering why. They must not have the same “weapon as yours”

I am curious. what builds are you guys running on? I am also a hatchet user and i have no problem going through these zones by myself… i mean i could die a few times and it’s pretty easy for a heavy armored hatchet. I will admit the current bug is a bit of advantage but can you blame anyone? It just work without even trying. I would take advantage of it. What can we do about it? Stop using hatchet?

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I am not taking control of the whole zone, I have seen you come by twice so far, both of you getting nodes.

I am not one hitting mobs, Thankfully theres a thing on the Hatchet called Defy Death which gives you a second life basically, every mob almost kills me thank you.

AWS are fully aware of this bug that is currently happening, so no, I would not need to go onto the forums and attempt to get another player banned for something that is easily fixed.

Seeing as I was in bed 2 hours ago, I don’t see how that is possible.

You only need a 7+% necklace 7+% Pickaxe and a 4.5+% piece of armour. If you didnt know even with luck gear, you can still get your stats on it…

Like Bitter said, just because theres a bug on the Hatchet we should stop using it all together? no.

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Lmao I never said you to stop using the hatchet. But saying again that we have multiple hatchets on our guild and none of them are doing that much damage. You must done something with your gear to be able to hit like that so stop saying that’s not your fault. You’r obviously doing it on purpose.

Yeah sure it’s pretty normal that every time we go there almost the whole zone is cleared by a guy alone who’s soloing the boss too btw. But yeah it’s pretty normal

Eozombie Exploit - YouTube We saw how you almost get killed by mobs. And If you wanna do a hatchet exploit you need to configure your outfit.

I have just moved to this server from Roccabara, clearly you have not seen someone go a full strength build. Without the bug I would still be able to hit 4k-4.5k crits on these guys.

Wheres the boss? There is no boss here, they are only silver barred guys.

Rodmoon, This is my build. This has how I have played throughout the whole game, pure strength. Clearly your company members do not know how play Hatchet.

I’m done here. Good luck in life kiddos.

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Where you gone ? You were saying that your risking nothing here why didn’t you keep farming there ? It’s just funny at this point

Let us see your gear than saying that with better gear you can solo there wondering how much gs and armor you have

Yall are just petty there are people doing this without any exploits just pulling mobs and resetting them looting and running. I think in the words of Ion H git gud.

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Namoral esse bug está irritando mt, hj na guerra contra os roxos estavam dando 5k de dano cada tapa nos tanks. Isso é mt nojento… Namoral amazon faz alguma coisa ai.

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