Player Collision

Player collision in PVE content is horrible. Trying to dps a boss with more than one melee is absolutely clunky in most cases, let alone Trying to be optimal and dps from the back with more than one player. The hit boxes on a lot of bosses are an absolute joke as well and make certain weapons almost impossible to use in some scenarios, why does the hitbox not match the collision box?

Tanking is absolutely atrocious right now as well. You are constantly being pushed around and sliding around the fight like you are standing on ice. A lot of times you get pushed into being stuck on some janky terrain. Healer circles are useless because of this, even trying to put yourself in a corner isn’t viable most of the time.

Turn off collision for pve content, who tested this and thought this feels okay?


Don’t force PvE changes on my PvP game, thanks

He said “for PvE content”.

Did you even read the post?


As a tank I definitely agree that being pushed around by collision of bosses in particular and mobs in general is super annoying. This is further compounded by the need to Stand In Good Things and Stay Out Of Bad Things mechanics prevalent in the game.


PvE content as in only inside the instances? That would be fine

Yes I specifically said pve content, also I wouldn’t even consider this a pvp game right now considering wars are unplayable at the moment and very little people run around flagged at 60.


I’m making fun of the kind of replies we get in every thread asking for PvP fixes.

Also, PvE is dead already too.

Being pushed around can suck in certain situations, however if your group isn’t completely challenged you can slowly back pedal as the tank which keeps the mobs facing you and room for the DPS

You can’t slowly backpedal as a tank and neither do you want to. You get pushed around like a ragdoll, you control almost nothing in these fights beside aggro. You don’t want the boss constantly moving and yo be backpedaling because that means you can’t stand it green effectively. Also melee dps already has a hard enough time hitting the bosses in general due to stupid hit boxes and player collision, making the boss constantly move on top of that only multiplies the problem as you are animation locked every swing. I feel like you must play a ranged dps. I’m not saying the content is unclearable or that there aren’t things you can do to make it better, I’m saying this junk is and feels stupid and clunky and needs to be fixed. It’s clearly not intended design and if it is they need to rethink it.


Yeah tank stability is an issue. I should not be getting flung all over the place. I wear a heavy load and have high Con because I want to stand firm on the frontline, I should not be ragdolled around


100% agree this need looking into. I lvoe having player collision on as it add a dynamic to a the game, but the mobs just constantly push you back or run away and light speed, it get pretty old old fast. If you’re by and edge I have found so many time that player get pushed off by NPS because they can’t dodge out of the way and the mob just contently pushes you back, yet if you manage to get a mob to the edge you can push him off it at all…!?!


I was tanking Thorpe last night with a largely melee group and while we completed it, it was rather frustrating being constantly pushed out of targeted healing and pushed into corners. I also run a heavy build to be more of a stereotypical tank, but it just seems like it’s not worth it not having the mobility. Trying to reposition in heavy is a pretty decent challenge to not get your team killed.

Comms and recasting can only go so far.

I really do like collision for PvP, but I just don’t know about PvE.

Still just trying to learn more effective ways of being a heavy tank.

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@BoostedScrub I agree, player collision in dungeons has been frustrating. Trying to attack an enemy when there are 3-4 other melee players blocking you can get annoying real quick.

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Along side collision, the hitboxes need to be thoroughly looked at, I cant count how many named mobs/bosses i literally cannot hit while tanking. The biggest offender being the big bear boss in edengrove at the eternal pool. As a tank you literally cannot hit him from the front with sword and board making it impossible to hold aggro. The hit boxes should match the collision box, i shouldnt be able to be butted up against a mob and not be able to melee swing at it.

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Just here to say I completely agree that collision in this game for PVE should not exist. Big boss battles become terrible because of the confined space ALSO it is just terrible in general since mobs can stagger you into a corner stripping away any ability to play the game in those circumstances. There are countless places that are narrow or have junk on the ground that will box you in. IE there are areas that you cant avoid this or outplay this fact.

Lets not forget to mention that there is no swimming in this mmo meaning when you are body blocked and staggered near an edge that one little hit that would do less than 10% of your hp will turn into a one-shot based on the fact that when you fall into water you are absolutely screwed.

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I love the collision system. Think about your team setup :v:

It’s almost like you just didn’t read the post and then commented. Team set up has nothing to do with 90% of the complaint here.

There are similar issue with player collision in PVP.

I would suggest just using a most ranged dps group for PVE currently though.

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